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High Flying Fashion

Before Heidi sends them to the workroom to hear about the details of the challenge from Tim, she says that there are benefits to winning that will be revealed in a future challenge. Hmm. It's getting all Da Vinci Code up in here with the mystery.

In the workroom, sexy Tim Gunn tells the designers that the "hip, international jet-setter" they will be designing for is his or her own self. Angela, per tradition, habit, and idiocy, explodes with glee. Uli interviews that she is a trendy, international jet-setter, so this challenge will be just fine for her. Vincent's a little freaked -- he has never made men's clothing. Tim continues -- the designers will be modeling their own looks. The models that they chose will be used for the next challenge. They will have $75 and one day to finish the design.

The designers have fifteen minutes to sketch, and everybody gets to work. Everybody gives their idea of what a jet-setter is. To Angela, it's someone with lots of extra cash. Michael thinks of Paris Hilton. He should take something for that. Jeffrey thinks of rock stars, because he doesn't really ever think of anything else. Good for him and the point of view, though I do recall that he can have a problem when other people exhibit a point of view. Oh, well. KoMC thinks of people who are "always on the go." We're talking jet-setters, not moms with overbooked children.

Vincent thinks that the clothes of a jet-setter should be wrinkle-free. KoMC says they should be "comfortable, breathable," and travel well.

Angela is stumped. She tells us that she and her husband live on a farm, so she can't grasp the jet-setter lifestyle. It's called a TV. Turn it on. Does Kayne of Many Colors look like he's been traipsing the globe? Use your noggin, Milk Maid!

Laura decides to make a cocktail dress, because she thinks it will be easy and she doesn't want to get caught "in a time crunch." Jeffrey says that he feels very comfortable with the challenge. He's going to make a jacket (which apparently can be made in one day -- and say what you will about it being harder to make a jacket for a stranger, and a big stranger at that, but if most of Jeffrey's resistance to the jacket idea wasn't because he didn't like Angela and Darlene, I'd be really surprised), a t-shirt, and tight pants.

At Mood, we see KoMC looking at the most RIDICULOUS pattern. Bob Mackie would blush at this shit, I kid you not. It's this fish-gill-looking print with purple and pink, and it's silk. Hideous. He says that he's going to make a black shirt and use cutouts from the fabric on the back and on the sleeves of the shirt. He sounds so convinced. But, according to the whoopee cushion techno-accordion music, it's not a good idea. Tim looks disgusted. For real, he's mouth-breathing. Jeffrey interviews that KoMC has tacky taste and that his fabric is going to look "Liberace Vegas." Indeed it does.

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