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High Flying Fashion

As Angela is looking at a bunch of pink and green fabrics, Tim pops by and tells her to "remember: hip!" In mentor-speak, I'd say that means, "Your choices don't look hip." I guess Angela just thinks he's making conversation though because she responds, "Absolutely," and goes back to her juvenile fabrics.

Michael says that he's going for "Hamptons meets the 'hood." He's going to "rock the hell out of it on the runway."

Back in the workroom, Uli has a million prints on her station. Laura says it's "an Uli explosion." Uli interviews that she travels a lot and always takes party dresses made from prints like the ones she has chosen, because they go from day to evening and you can "get wasted" in them. I guess because the vomit just blends with the print. I like the way this girl thinks! Likewise, I always wear yellow slacks when traveling; in case there's not a bathroom around. IH-NO-VAY-SHUN. You heard it here first.

Angela giggles when preparing to tell her idea of a jet-setter. It's her cousin, Jack. Jack travels around a lot. To hunt. I don't think we're talking foxhunts, either. Jack's sister calls him "the Hillbilly Jet-Setter." Traveling to Europe seems "foreign" to Angela. Angela, Europe is "foreign" to all of us in America. I don't understand why she's having such a problem with this. Is Audrey Hepburn, your muse for two challenges, from your neighborhood? She was European! She was a jet-setter! What's the big deal? Imagine something! They're not asking you to recreate something from your wardrobe that you wear while you're jet-setting. Make something up. was too good to last. Vincent isn't wearing any pants. And he's laughing hysterically as he's cutting fabric. Welcome back, Three Faces of Eve. It looks like he's using the pants that he was wearing as inspiration for the new pants that he's about to make. He has some hippie-dippy sunshine or some shit like that tattooed on his leg. He interviews that he enjoys working in his boxers.

In the sewing room, Jeffrey tells Uli that he won't mind going home if it's for a design that he loves but the judges "didn't get it." However, he felt that the dress he made for the last challenge was really ugly; so he didn't want to go home for that. Isn't that the exact opposite of what he said during the last challenge? Yes, it is. Poseur. He's just trying to rehash old shit. He interviews that his dress for the last challenge was the ugliest garment that he has ever made and that Darlene, Angela's mom, was one of the most difficult people he had ever worked with. "I knew I wasn't going to be making anything for Angela's mom, and that was making me happy." Move on! He's all laughing hysterically and talking in the workroom about how it was a huge feat to send something down the runway as ugly as his last design and still be around. You could take that as self-deprecating, but Jeffrey has never really been that before. I'm taking that as "asshole," which he has been plenty of times. He's just insulting her mom a little more without saying it.

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