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Dmitry tells the judges that he wanted to make something athletic yet glamorous. Heidi loves it. She thinks it's original. She also loves the fringe on the skirt and finds it flattering. Michael thinks it's modern and polished and represents Dmitry well. Nina loves that it's bare and covered up at the same time. Debra finds it glamorous but wonders if it's family-friendly enough. Oh go on. America.

Heidi tells Ven that she finds his dress boring. Then, she says that the dress has to song and dance on its own and I'm sure that idea came directly from her mind and was won't applied in post-production after a producer decided she should say those exact words. He tells them that he didn't go back to Mood with everyone else. Nina doesn't think it has any drama. Debra disagrees with everyone. She likes the simplicity, but she notices that the hemline is off.

Heidi says that she sees more and more things that are incorrect about Melissa's outfit. She does think it's too short though. Michael likes the colors, but he feels like it seems more like a cocktail dress that has been cut off. They all hate the 1 on the dress. Nina likes that she seems like a cigarette girl, but otherwise feels like it's a big miss. Debra was confused by the dress. She thinks that the neckline is awkward. They all commend her for making the most of her return to Mood.

Christopher describes how he was inspired by New York and all of the dreams that everyone has here. Heidi loves it. Debra thinks it's magnificent. Christopher replies, "Thank you, Debra Messing," which makes her chuckle. "Did you say 'Thank you, Debra Messing'?" asks Heidi. Yes. They all laugh, except for his model, who is still contemplating her bouncy walk. Christopher says that he's such a huge fan of Debra's.

Elena says that she wanted to use a color that wasn't normal for her. Michael thinks it's tacky. Debra thinks it belongs in the circus, but she's not trying to be rude. Nina thinks that she chose the wrong fabric. Also, the matching of every single thing that she was wearing was not the right choice. Elena cries and says that she's been fighting herself. Before they leave, Heidi tells them that they take their decisions very seriously, which I find sort of refreshing.

Backstage, Sonjia tells Fabio that the judges said her girl looks like a bird and Christopher makes sure he knows that they said 36 birds. He just likes for all of the information to be out there. The judges loved Dmitry's look. Michael thinks that at full length, it could be an Oscar gown. They all love the story of Christopher's dress, though there was no movement. Michael liked Melissa's dress and found it rather charming. They're really not fans of Sonjia's feathers. They think that Ven's dress would bore the children in the audience to tears. They think that Elena chose the ugliest fabric ever. They've made their decision.

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