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The designers return to the stage. Melissa is in. It was really hard for me to tell at first if she was part of the top or the bottom. So it looks like Fabio just barely avoided getting reamed because if hers was one of the top, they must not have liked Fabio's very much. She goes backstage and says that she didn't know what side she was on either. Christopher is the winner! He's so excited that the Rockettes are going to be wearing his dress! He tells Debra what a pleasure it was to meet her as he leaves the stage. He goes backstage and tells the others how excited he is! Dmitry is in. Sonjia is in! She goes backstage and is wiping away tears that I don't see. Melissa says that she knew she'd be safe.

Heidi tells Elena that her outfit is crazy, but they're glad that she stepped outside her monochromatic boxy shoulder pad box. Elena... is in. She starts to cry and goes to hug Ven. She leaves the stage crying. Backstage, she tells everyone that she feels bad for Ven. They try to get her to cheer up, but she's pretty upset. Ven gets his kisses and he's gone. He interviews that he's upset because he knows that he could put on an amazing show and wishes he had the opportunity. Backstage, Elena is still crying and he tells her to stop. Christopher tells him that he wants to see "Clean. Chic. Sophisticated. Ven" on a t-shirt and all the other designers chime in.

Tim comes in and says that this is a wake-up call because no one saw this elimination coming. Ven says that he enjoyed every second and walks away. He says that he will never give up.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer living in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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