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All the designers are lined up on the stage after the show. Heidi calls out Elisa and Sweet P, Victorya and Kevin, Marion and Steven, and Christian and Carmen. The rest are safe. The other designers leave the runway and are greeted by the models backstage.

The models for the designers onstage return to the runway, and we commence with the judging. SJP tells Victorya that she liked her sketch because of its simplicity, but she wondered how she would make it interesting. She feels like Victorya was very successful at the interesting part. I'd have to agree. Those colors are amazing and make the whole thing seem really cool. Nina thinks it's charming, and wearable by a large group of people. Michael loves the racer back. SJP says that Victorya really listened to what she said they wanted to see for the Bitten line.

They begin discussing Marion's design. Nina blows over this house of cards of a design by asking Marion to remove the belt. Oh my God. It's a wreck. Nina reservedly says that it's a nice idea, but the proportions are off. SJP says that she liked the sophistication of the sketch, but feels that the final design falls short of that intention. She points out that the armholes are drape-y and reveal the model's bra, which is apparently a no-no. Who knew? Michael thinks it looks like Pocahontas, and all she needs is a feather in her hair. Marion says that the material he worked with stretched as they worked with it, creating the overly drape-y look. Heidi doesn't "get it" at all. She thinks it looks like a "rag," "out of the basement," and "dirty." Damn. Marion looks like his ulcer is flaring.

SJP tells Elisa and Sweet P that they did a great job, which makes Christian bite his a lip a little. She thought their design moved well, and was sexy yet appropriate. Heidi thinks you get a lot for your money, and Elisa mentions that the dress is polymorphic again. Then, I'm sure prompted by the producers, SJP asks how their partnership worked. Sweet P kind of surprises me here. She says that she doesn't understand Elisa's language (she doesn't even know what "polymorphic" means), and Elisa doesn't use the same tools that the rest of them use. All of that's fine, except she keeps looking at Elisa like, "Sorry! They asked!", which seems kind of shitty. It's that thing people did in high school to the creative kid -- to let everyone else know that they think that person is weird or whatever. It just seems kind of cowardly and needless, since it's pretty obvious that they aren't in danger of being eliminated. Elisa says that she sometimes spit-marks her work, which gets a big reaction from the judges. Heidi suggests that Elisa not tell anyone that she does that. I second that. Heidi adds that some people might not like that their dress has been spit on. Heidi's accent is so freaking perfect for moments like that. She then asks Elisa what planet she is from. Poor thing -- Elisa handles it like a champ, but she seems a little hurt. She says, "The planet where I am is one that has been trained to respond purely to material and doesn't necessarily understand the language but knows how to make it work on the body. So, I'm coming to your planet, but with gifts." Rad. That was amazing. Victorya laughs at Elisa's response. She seems to have won them over. Michael says that the fact is, the dress is great-looking and a ton of girls are going to wear it. SJP loves the draping and thinks the sleeves are "stunning."

They move on to Christian and Carmen. Michael says that it's very ambitious, and Christian responds that it's "a lot of look." Michael asks if he thought about fit and whether a lot of girls would look good in the jacket. "100 percent" is Christian's response. Nina thinks it looks really 1980s and Michael agrees, comparing it to "Addicted To Love." Nina repeats that it looks very retro, which I remember one Tim Gunn saying a while back. Christian brushes them off and asks for SJP's opinion, because he feels that the dress is identical to his sketch. SJP says the color is stronger, it's shorter, and is overall more severe a look than the sketch. Heidi then asks Carmen, if one of them had to go, who should it be. I'm going to recommend that Carmen stick with designing and not acting, because her response is so overwrought, it's gross. She whispers, "You're asking me to make a choice," through a faux-cracked voice. Christian's all, whatever, I told her what to do; I would go home. But Carmen's still biting her lip and rolling her eyes everywhere. Fake Fanny. Heidi presses the point and asks Carmen if she thinks Christian should go, and she says yes and drops her head and FAKE-cries. Fake Fanny does not have fake tears. She has NO tears. SJP is like, "What the hell is going on?" Heidi then poses the question to Marion, who says that, if it's between him and Steven, he should go home. She asks Steven the same question, and he answers that he can't say Marion is totally responsible for the failure of the design. So Heidi's all, does that mean you should go home? And he replies, "I don't like the idea of that, no." That's funny. Steven is so weird. He seems like a really nice guy, though.

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