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The designers leave the stage, and it's time for judging. They really liked the look of both of Elisa's pieces. SJP says that the cape had the "swing" that is the ideal of American sportswear. I love that description. She also thinks Elisa took something insane and whimsical and turned that idea into two great pieces.

Nina felt that Victorya's entire outfit was versatile and beautiful. Michael also thought both of the pieces were beautiful. SJP loved the simplicity of it and the "taking it one step further" aspect of Victorya's work.

Heidi hates on Marion's design a little more. Michael and Nina both think it looks "sad." Michael adds that, if you were short, you'd look like Cousin It. Ha! SJP thinks that they were going for Hermes, but it was too sloppy. She has a great vocabulary for all of this stuff. It's certainly an upgrade on Heidi's "it looks like poo" descriptions.

Nina hated Christian's design. She thinks it was retro, and Michael says that you could add "big button earrings" and you'd be on The Facts of Life, which suddenly gives that outfit infinitely greater worth for me. They point out that Christian doesn't have the same reference point for '80s fashion that they have. I feel so old right now.

With the decisions made, they bring the designers back to the stage. Commercials. Tim is the most trusted fashion eye with a whopping 53 percent. He should have his fashion eye insured by Lloyd's of London. That's no more ridiculous than J.Lo's behind.

On the runway, SJP tells Victorya that she is the winner. And they will be selling the design in Steve & Barry's stores. Elisa and Sweet P are in.

Steve is in. Carmen is in. Heidi tells Marion that his fabric choice was off, and the construction was poor. "You have left us very sad." Sweet Jesus, that's funny. She tells Christian that his look was '80s, and would not work for the everyday woman. Christian is "in," so Marion is a goner. He looks like he's going to cry. He's out, and SJP can't even look at him!

Marion interviews that he doesn't feel like he was on the show long enough to show his real viewpoint as a designer. Sweet P is crying backstage. Tim ushers Marion out to clean his workspace as we hear him say that he wishes he'd won, but "it just didn't happen out that way." With as much manipulation as probably takes place during production, you'd think someone would give Marion a chance to leave without saying "happen out." Poor guy.

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