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Money Changes Everything

Tim tells the designers that the challenge is about affordability -- the entire two-piece look has to retail for under $40. Carmen poops herself when she hears this, and for good reason. Tim reminds them (and us) that there's a big difference between the price of raw materials and retail price. Sooo, their budget for the challenge is $15. Hmmm. I'm sure the poor little kids in Ecuador that are probs sewing this crap for pennies a day have nothing to do with the affordability. …Okay, I don't actually know where Bitten is manufactured, but shades of Kathie Lee Gifford -- don't you think of this stuff when you hear about "affordable" celebrity-fronted clothing lines? I want someone to convince me that there's no sweatshop action happening here.

The designers are freaked by the $15 budget. Chris is crying, for a different reason now. He interviews that they are going to have to use toilet paper and Scotch tape. This segment of Project Runway was brought to you by 3M. And the tourism department of Ecuador. The designers will have 30 minutes to create a design concept for the challenge, at which point they will present their concepts to SJP. She will choose seven designs to move forward, and the designers will work in teams of two. Yay, teams!! Sweet P is worried about the team aspect. She interviews that she likes working in teams, but she wants it to be a good team. Well, you're lucky that you are at least 50 percent responsible for the quality of the team.

Tim passes out Bitten dossiers that "Sarah Jessica has thoughtfully brought." I'm sure lugging those around was no fun at all. Poor thing. Why are they making me doubt my SJP? Jack says that in order to design for a mass market, you have to appeal to everyone. Unless, I suppose, you want a market for the masses full of unsold clothes. Which could be a thing. Christian says that he knew he wanted to make a dress and a "really creative" jacket. He doesn't want to imitate any of the shapes he has seen in the dossier.

Ricky's crying again. He says that he sucked during the first challenge and he really wants to prove himself. It's a shame he's not striving to be seen as a blubberhead; he'd feel really accomplished. I kinda have a soft spot for Ricky because of his circumstances when he was younger, and I hope he pulls it together, but I really can't deal with a crier all season. Right?

When time is up, Jack pitches to SJP first. The other designers applaud him when he is chosen. I really love how excited they all are about SJP's involvement in this challenge. It's like they're getting an audience with the Pope.

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