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Jack presents his idea to SJP, and she tells him he did a nice job. He says, "Oh my God, it's my pleasure," and they giggle. So cute. Chris is next, and seems like he's about to hyperventilate when he's presenting. He interviews that he was very nervous to meet SJP; then we see him stumbling through his presentation. Finally, he stops and tells her how excited he is to meet her, and she graciously thanks him.

Elisa tells SJP she makes things that are "polymorphic." Parker seems stunned, which is amazing. She continues explaining the fairly complicated design, and it's unclear if SJP thinks that Elisa is crazy or "clever" like she says.

Sweet P tells SJP that, since Bitten doesn't have many skirts in its collection, she has designed a skirt. That is the kind of logic that could return to Bite her in the ass. Kevin also designs a skirt that is described as a "button story." As he's leaving, SJP extends her hand to shake his but he gets up and walks away. She shakes the air. It's awesome. Poor Kevin; I'm sure he was just nervous and didn't see her or whatever, but it was still kind of amazing.

Christian explains his design and declares that he wants to take it "forward." Then he asks for a hug, which he gets. Cute or precious: you decide. I don't want to hate him. Kit dryly explains her design. SJP wonders whether or not the wide belt that Ricky pitches would actually look good on people. Ricky assures her that it won't show people's "bumps and bruises." Or Bite marks. Jillian says that her design will balance femininity and strength, but SJP wonders if the jacket will be too difficult for children to construct. Victorya pitches a shirtdress and vest. Marion of the constantly pained expression describes a cape and skirt combo. Steven pitches a skirt and top that is simple and classic. Rami's idea is for a shirtdress and tights combo that apparently can double as maternity wear. Carmen describes for SJP a tunic and denim bottom. As she's leaving, she says "Carmen Webber" to SJP, then "'Carmen' like the opera, 'Webber' like the baller." Ew. I really can't stand it when people have some sort of phrase/joke that you hear and can tell they've repeated a million times. I'm talking to you, Dad.

SJP tells the designers that she thinks they are all very talented, and she hopes that she will have some part in their careers (read: send me a free dress). Her first choice for the challenge is Elisa, which draws stunned looks from Carmen and Sweet P. SJP thinks the design is very ambitious and she can't wait to see what Elisa pulls together.

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