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Kit is her next choice. SJP thinks it's youthful and that Kit really thought about the Bitten line.

Victorya is chosen next. SJP thinks that she has the skills to take something simple and make it "startling." I like that description. The next time a friend of mine is wearing something I like, I will tell them how startling it is. That might not work out the way I plan, but I still like the use of "startling" as fashion-speak.

Marion is the next designer chosen. He seems thrilled. SJP thinks his approach is very sophisticated. She takes a break from all of the choosing to tell the designers how much she hates this and how impossible it is. I don't know, maybe that's true.

She chooses Ricky next. She thinks his design can be very sexy and grown-up. Will he cry? Let's see.

Now SJP whispers, "Christian." She was very impressed by his sketch and while she doesn't know how he's going to be able to create the design, she thinks the sketch is very sexy.

Rami is the last chosen. That makes me a little sad for Chris. I'm sure he would have been over the moon to make a design for SJP's line, though of course all of them would be. SJP thinks Rami was very thoughtful about the broad appeal of his design.

The designers who weren't chosen look very sad. Chris is planning on putting his Sex and the City DVDs on eBay immediately. Tim tells the designers that SJP has one final announcement -- she seems a touch embarrassed by the pomp and circumstance. Anyway, the winning design may be sold as part of the Bitten line in Steve & Barry's stores across the nation. Everyone is thrilled. Christian says that if he gets picked, it's going to be "so fierce." Attention, gays: No more with the "fierce." People who say "fierce" have proportionally the same knowledge of fierce things as people who say "classy" have of things with class. NEW RULE.

Tim tells SJP to deliver the line that she has been "waiting" to say, so she giggles and says, "So, see you on the runway! Is that right?" She says goodbye as they all applaud.

Tim chooses the team leaders' names randomly, and they choose their partners. Marion is first, and he chooses Steven. He interviews that he chose Steven because Steven is low-key (or creepy) and he felt like it would be a "calm journey." Oh my.

Next, Ricky chooses Jack. Victorya is next, and she asks Kevin if he would work with her. He says no. Kidding. What the hell else is he going to say? Kit chooses Chris, and he claps. Rami chooses Jillian.

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