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Money Changes Everything

It's down to Carmen and Sweet P. Christian chooses Carmen. Sweet P looks really upset to be the last chosen. She interviews that she was unhappy when she knew she'd be working with Elisa, because of Elisa's preference for hand-sewing garments. Sweet P does not want an unfinished garment representing her on the runway. Elisa, for her part, says that she wanted Sweet P from the very beginning, and I think that's so sweet. I liked Elisa earlier because of her potential train-wreck value, but I'm starting to wonder if maybe she's just pretty cool.

They go shopping for their $15 of supplies. Victorya interviews that $15 doesn't go far, especially at Mood. Kit breaks it down for Chris: they're going to use fleece and jersey. Sweet P interviews that Elisa was pulling out colors that had nothing to do with the Bitten line. Elisa says that she handed over the color choices to Sweet P, because shape and texture are her specialties. I mean, come on! You have to love that. She's ready to take advice, and I like that. There's also the possibility that she's not talented enough to be there and is simply sponging off of someone else, but I'm going to be optimistic. For now. We also see Sweet P warn Elisa that she will want to finish some of the edges of her garments; otherwise she's going to be known as the girl who…doesn't finish her garments. Elisa seems to recognize the criticism and take it to heart.

Back at Parson's, they all scramble to get to work. Chris remarks that they have very little time to complete the challenge. Victorya is excited about her dress/vest combo; she thinks that it really fits the Bitten girl. Rami wants to create something loose that will flatter many body types. Marion is excited about this challenge and thinks it's a chance to prove himself. Steven thinks the design is intriguing, but he's worried that it's too complicated.

Now we come to Elisa and Sweet P, and Elisa wants to use Sweet P as the dress form. There's some plinkety-plunkety keyboard music to make sure that we know Elisa's acting real wacky right now. She's making a cape and the polymorphic dress. Elisa interviews that she knew she and Sweet P would have very different aesthetics. Then Elisa uses her spit to mark a spot on the fabric. Sweet P seems really freaked out by this. The mannequins are like, "People pin shit into us all the time. We'd love to try spit for a while." Sweet P inquires about the spit method as if Elisa is crazy, and it looks like Elisa takes a little offense. She says that she likes to "imbibe" the garment with "energy and essence," and that's how she marks it. I think she meant "imbue," but I get it. Sweet P interviews that she is from Earth, but Elisa is from some "happy planet." I would think a woman who goes by "Sweet P" and has tons of tattoos and a diamond piercing in her lip might possibly be sensitive to unfair judgments. I would be wrong!

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