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With six and a half hours to go, everybody's rocking and rolling. Kit says that SJP's involvement in this challenge makes it really special and important. Ricky cries. He hopes that his work will make him appear to be more than a lingerie designer. We see him bossing Jack around.

Tim enters to advise. He starts with Marion. He thinks they have a lot of work to do, because the design is so elaborate. Steven is creepy, giggling in agreement. He interviews that he has "a mountain of work to do."

Tim steps over to Christian and Carmen. The two designers think they're doing great work. Tim asks them to make sure they're designing for 2007 -- they don't want a design that's too retro. Christian breathily announces, "I think it's perfect." He interviews that he takes everyone's "opinion to heart" but he doesn't always agree or follow their advice. I haven't really seen him take anyone's advice yet. Maybe that's good for him, though. He thinks his design is hot, and he's staying the course.

Victorya and Kevin seem like they're basically done. Their vest has a racer back, which Victorya calls their "little surprise." Tim thinks it looks great and that their palate is very sophisticated.

Elisa and Sweet P show Tim their design. Tim totally comes down on all of her hand-stitching. He says that it's not sustainable. Sweet P laughs and says, "Now I don't feel so mean!" Okay, they're totally right. Tim tells them to listen to each other. Elisa interviews that she was told that her methods were ridiculous. She feels overwhelmed, so she's just going to do whatever she's told and make it look great. She's not trying to be an asshole or anything; she's just trying to be an artist. Her feelings seem hurt and it really makes me feel bad for her.

Tim calls 35 minutes, then leaves the workroom. Sweet P gives Elisa some advice and says, "It's kind of like a spit mark, only better." Steven says that he's not anywhere near done with the skirt. Marion says that being eliminated would be really bad for him. End of day!

Commercials. Bravo shows an ad for Kathy Griffin's new comedy special, and it looks hysterical. And her hair extensions are amazing.

The next morning, as the ladies are getting ready, Kit says that she can see the "intrigue" behind Elisa; however, she doesn't see how Elisa will make it through these challenges not knowing how to sew on a machine. Sweet P says that she is really nervous about this challenge -- so she's going to work her hardest to create a beautiful garment.

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