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With one hour before the runway show, everyone is scrambling. Carmen and Christian are finished and feel really happy about their work. Sweet P is showing Carmen the unfinished seams in hers and Elisa's garment and calls them "unacceptable." She interviews that she's trying her hardest to make it work, and she thinks that it will.

Tim comes in and tells them all to knock SJP's stockings off. The models enter, and everyone starts dressing. Christian tells Lisa that SJP is the guest judge, and she flips. Jack is very happy that Ricky has Lea, because she is the "sickest." His belt is the second part of his twofer, and he thinks it makes his already pretty dress a little edgy.

Kit and Chris put a beret on Marie, since their top looks French to them. Marie loves the outfit, which Chris says is always a good sign. Steven and Marion are not happy with the fit of their garments.

Elisa is very happy with her design. Sweet P thinks that their collaboration worked! She thinks they might win. Victorya hopes that her design will hit the mark. Christian loves his design. He says that he wouldn't be surprised if he were in the top two, but lost again to someone who was "boring." Oh, Christian, we're going to have fun with you. It's a little something called…the reunion episode. Should be interesting. As they're all leaving for the runway, Steven interviews that he doesn't think it's going to be pretty.

The Bravo question of the week: "Whose fashion eye do you trust the most? A. Michael, B. Nina, C. SJP, or D. Tim." That's actually difficult to answer. I'm going to say D will win, but I'm feeling a pull for C myself.

Heidi enters the runway and reminds the designers that SJP may sell the winning design as part of her Bitten line. Then she introduces our judges, including SJP. Carmen makes the craziest face when they introduce SJP. Seriously, you only see it for a split second, but she is smiling; then it turns to this evil face. Minutes of pleasure I had with that one.

The show begins. It's Kit and Chris's design, worn by Marie. It's a cute blouse over some seriously unflattering tights. I think the top doesn't fall low enough. It stops right on the upper thigh and just does something verboten. The top is black and has puffed sleeves that end in a band on the middle upper arm. It has a scoop neck that is very cute, and smart little semi-circular pockets at the waist that are also very cute, and it ends in a wide band. I like the top completely, I just don't think it works on any sort of mass level with those tights. Chris says that he is shocked at how well he and Kit did.

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