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Iconic Statement

Nina says that Jackie O would never wear the suit that Robert has made. No one likes the linen. It's not neat enough. Then, the judges deliberate.

Nina says that KoMC never bores her. Diane really liked his dress. Nina says that she was very surprised by Angela. Michael Kors loved Michael's presentation and his speech on the runway.

Michael Kors hated the sleeves and pockets on Vincent's design. Nothing worked about Bradley's outfit. It looked cheap. It was badly made. Oh God, Bradley, I miss you already. They were bored by Robert and surprised, because they figured he would be really in tune with Jackie O. Heidi says, "He did like an old lady again." There was something oddly charming about that.

So, Jeffrey wins the poll with 46%. Laura had 41% and Angela 13% and they were really on the same side, so I'm saying Angelaura won.

After deliberation, Angela is "in." Michael wins!! KoMC looks a little prissy about it, but it's understandable. He worked hard. Michael is so excited though. KoMC is "in." Vincent is "in." Oh God, I can't believe this is happening. Robert is slammed for his fabric choice and for being boring. Bradley is told that his outfit was unworthy of his icon. Robert is "in." NOOOOOOO! Bradley interviews that he made a "tinker toy" and got kicked out, but he's not regretful. But I am regretful. Bradley was my all-time favorite Project Runway boyfriend and I mourn his loss.

On a high note, we see Michael at the Tresemme fashion shoot and he looks like he has a great time. I hope that this is the start of great things for him.

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