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Iconic Statement

Heidi chooses the models' names from the velvet button bag. Geez, the girl on Heidi's left, Lindsay, has the wingspan of a bald eagle. Broader shoulders than James Caan, no lie. Alexandra, who was Michael's model in the last challenge, chooses Alison. She interviews that she wanted to model for someone with whom she hadn't already worked. There's a shot of Michael kind of flinching when she chooses Alison. Clarissa chooses Angela, who, of course, makes a giant clown face of happiness. Is she trying to be America's next big designer or America's next Carol Channing? While I would most certainly and most excitedly tune into Project Channing, this is not it. Can I copyright that idea? Dibs.

Amanda chooses Kayne of Many Colors. She had worked with him before, and she enjoyed it. Nazri chooses Michael, and he nods politely, but you can tell he's pretty excited. Lindsay chooses Uli, who seems thrilled with her shoulders, I mean, model. Danielle chooses Robert and says, "My favorite." Robert seems happy. You know, with all of the chaos in Project Runwayland in the past week, Robert's omnipresent sunglasses are oddly comforting. Maybe Jeffrey's stupid Vanilla Ice eyebrows will start to hold the same sort of charm for me. I'm not holding my breath for that one.

Marilinda chooses Jeffrey. Camilla (who I accidentally called "Camille" in the last recap), lovely as ever, chooses Laura. She interviews that she wanted to work with Laura because she has a "clean, sophisticated style." Jia chooses Vincent. Vincent whispers, "That's my girl."

Poor Bradley Baumkirchner. He's got a little grin on his face because he's realizing that he's the kid left out of the kickball lineup once again. Katie, Javi, and Katia are the three models left. Whichever model whose name is chosen next will be Bradley's model and the other two will go home. Katie's name is chosen. So, a big random goodbye to Katia and Javi. I doubt, "That's just the way the buttons were chosen," will be much of a comfort to them.

Heidi explains vaguely that the challenge will be for the designers to modernize the look of a fashion icon. There are ten fashion icons waiting for them in the workroom. Now, this show is popular and all, but you'd be lucky to get, like, five icons at a freaking Kennedy Center Honors ceremony. An episode of a classy yet basic cable reality show? Prove it, Heidi. Distracting us from her claims of having TEN icons in the untidy workroom, she says that the models will be choosing the icons for the designers. Laura interviews that she's nervous because they don’t really know the models, so they aren't sure that they will make the right choices for them.

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