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Iconic Statement

As the models are leaving the runway, someone, a woman, says, "Oh, Bye!" and it sounds so bizarre. Seriously, if you get to catch the episode, listen for it. I've listened to it like 27 times and I'm hoarse from laughing. Do it. You owe it to yourself.

At the workroom, the models have changed from their black slips into actual clothes and Tim Gunn lectures them on what will be happening in the challenge. There are ten photos of fashion icons on display. Damn you, Heidi and your tricky wordplay!! When Tim says "Go," it's going to be a first-come-first-served situation with the models fighting to get the icon that they want. I can't wait. Clarissa interviews that she will fight to the death to get Audrey Hepburn. Alan Arkin felt the same way in Wait Until Dark. Well, we're not fighting over measly little bags of heroin stuffed into baby dolls anymore. This is fashion!!

The models do not disappoint. They embarrass a little, but they do not disappoint. When Tim gives the go-ahead, there are screams and model limbs flying everywhere. Katie, Bradley's model, is the weak one in the pack and gets the "left over" icon, which is Cher. Clarissa does indeed get Audrey Hepburn. She puts the picture beside her face and says, "What do you think everybody?" Clarissa, not many people are going to win in that comparison. And, you're not many people. While we're at it, Jennifer Love Hewitt's not many people either.

The designers enter to find out which icon they'll have for the challenge. Clarissa is very excited to show Angela that they have Audrey Hepburn. Angela, in turn, jumps and screams. Angela says that she "basically just peed in [her] pants." Classy reaction from a classy dame.

Michael has "Pam Motherfucking Grier." He's thrilled; or he's privy to a cruel joke played on Pam Grier at her birth.

Danielle and Robert are pumped about having Jackie O. Danielle tells him that she fought for her. Again, when I think Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, I think flailing model. She really is perfect for Robert though. He loves that stuff.

Jeffrey has Madonna. He interviews that his background is in making stage clothes for rock stars, so this is proof that the universe wants him to win. He's really lucky that the universe could take its mind off of Lebanon and all the crazy shit that's going on everywhere else to throw Project Runway in his favor. Later for you, Neptune, the universe really wants Madonna's look modernized. And properly.

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