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Iconic Statement

At the runway, Heidi enters dressed as her own favorite icon, Abba. She introduces the judges. Michael Kors is back!!! Joining Michael and Nina is Diane Von Furstenberg, who flashes a peace sign and wishes the designers good luck.

Alison's design begins the show. It's a short dress with a high waist and a plunging neckline. The bodice is sleeveless and fitted in black fabric. The skirt is flowing and a pale blue. All in all, it looks nothing like Farrah Fawcett. But Alexandra is working some Farrah hair and the dress is still pretty. I guess she sort of has a little leeway with the modernization part. Alison says that she can see Farrah in her design. At least she can.

Next up is Bradley's. It's a midriff baring blouse in iridescent purple fabric with little green geometric shapes at the next. It's loose fitting and moves kind of stiffly. The pants are white and low riding and baggy. There are some long tassels on the front of the pants. Now, I'd say that the outfit does seem reminiscent of Cher. However, it's butt ugly. Nothing looks like it fits right and it's just all very ugly. Bradley doesn't really like it either, but he feels like it does look like Cher.

Following Bradley's monstrosity is Angela's design. It's a black cocktail dress. It's knee-length and fitted all over. The bodice is made of thick straps at the shoulder that connect to the skirt, revealing a wide swath of décolletage; but nothing too risqué. There is a textured chiffon or something covering the entire dress, which gives it a modern feel. She put those damn flowers all around the edge of the skirt. They're cute, but they're killing me. Angela is happy with it.

KoMC's is next and it is hardcore. It's a halter evening gown and the straps are made of leather. The rest of the dress is made of nude fabric covered with a black chiffon. It's so sexy. There is a slit in the middle of the front of the dress that comes above the knee, though there is a ruffle along the slit that provides a little more coverage. He says that Amanda really worked it. I must give it up for Amanda and...her ass. Girl is WORKING it and she looks foine.

Laura's design is next and it looks great. Extremely high waisted pants with a wrap blouse with a wide collar. The pants are tan and the blouse is light pink. It looks sexy yet classic. Nice stuff. Laura is worried that it won't seem dramatic enough for the judges.

Vincent's design is dramatic. A dramatic departure from the good design we just saw. He's matched black with a red and orange plaid to make a really juvenile looking short dress. I can see, just a little bit, what he may have been going for, but this was very poorly executed. There are little crescent black pockets on the front of the dress that I don't even think are symmetrical. And his bell sleeves are not winners. They don't seem modern. And they don't flatter the model. Vincent thinks he nailed it.

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