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Iconic Statement

Michael's is next. First of all, Nazri, his model, looks so good. Her hair is all fro'd out and awesome. The outfit is a bright magenta. The top is a blouse with a super low neckline. There's a waistband with a bejeweled buckle on it. The hot pants that he made are perfect. They're super short, but just loose enough to look almost kind of classy. Not that they are supposed to be trashy or something, but they're so neatly tailored -- they just look really good. Michael is glad that he changed his design.

Next is Robert's design. It's basically just a linen Chanel suit with a camisole underneath. The belt of the jacket is a rope, so it looks a little like Ellie Mae Clampett goes to the Opera. Robert doesn’t seem to jazzed about it either.

Now, we have Uli's design. It's made with this wacky purple and black print. It's a long flowing gown with criss-crossing straps that create a cutout over the boob area. The back is cutout as well. I guess it looks like Diana Ross a little, but I have to say that it is one fucking ugly-looking dress. The print alone is worthy of a migraine.

Finally, it's Jeffrey's design. It's a Picasso-looking red bustier with a short shredded black skirt and combat boots. There's lots of asymmetry and jagged edges on the bustier. Since Madonna has looked like everything, I guess you could do anything; but I kind of feel like if you saw her wearing Jeffrey's design now, you'd feel like she was repeating herself. Jeffrey says that he felt like he was in his element.

After the show, Heidi calls forward Alison, Laura, Uli, and Jeffrey. They are all safe and leave the runway. They start with KoMC's dress. Heidi thinks it's genius. Michael calls it "goth Marilyn" because of the leather.

They don't like Vincent's dress so much. Diane Von Furstenberg has to remind Vincent that Twiggy is still alive because he keeps referring to her in the past tense. If you're on Bravo, you're dead to Vincent. Michael hates the pockets. All of them agree that it's a little depressing for Twiggy.

Michael says that he chose a bold color because Pam Grier always played bold characters. All of the judges love it. Diane says that she knows from hot pants and Michael has made some good ones.

Bradley is getting no love. Heidi thinks it looks like a Halloween costume. Diane just says that she "really didn't love" his outfit. Angela, however, gets kudos for being close to her icon. However, she's calling her stupid flower things "fleurchons," and I see red. Please don't, Angela. I'm trying, lady. Heidi loves the dress and wants it in every color.

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