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As much as I think it's kind of rude to always be judging women by not only their fashion choices but also their mortality, I'm also thinking that someone would be doing this dude a massive service if they did the same thing. Would it really take that much of a push to have him crash into something resembling reality? A place where he'd have to be like, you know, I had a good run, crazy times. I served it up sassy and showboaty. But, it's time to just sort of move on and into some kind of respectable (I don't know, I kind of hate that word) sphere. A place where, sure, I can have fun and wear a smart silhouette, but where my experience is the thing most exciting about me, not the wildness of my ensemble. Also, we're two decades separated from a time when it was even near appropriate to roll up the sleeves on a suit jacket. You are not Cyndi Lauper. You're not even Kim Cattrall in Mannequin. You'll still have your tattoos, which are great. I'm not a fan of the outfit though and it makes me feel like, yeah, Billy B., tell me about fashion. You are definitely the person I want to hear from on this subject.

Tim explains that Billy will be helping consulting about make-up for this challenge. They are at the Castle so that they can be inspired. Also, they will have to be inspired by this new line of L'Oreal products. The name of the line is Electric Fantasie. Gross. I'm really not a fan of L'Oreal right now. There are four "leading ladies" that inspired the line. First is The Enchanted Queen who is "both powerful and bewitching with notes of black and berry." There's The Seductive Temptress who is "one part charming with shades of gold, the other part venomous in deep bordeaux." Tim says "we" like that and chuckles. The Wise Mystic will apparently mesmerize us with violets and blues. The Artsy Muse will "allure you in pastels and coral." The artsy muse will allure me? Also, since when is a wise mystic a leading lady? She's a supporting character pretty much exclusively.

Christopher interviews that he is ready to get his assigned palette and get to work. Tim tells them that they will each be assigned one of the leading ladies, from which they will have to be inspired to create an avant-garde look. Melissa whispers "yes!" and interviews that all she has wanted during this competition is an avant-garde challenge. The mannequins are like, "She does realize that avant-garde doesn't mean she'll have an extra week to finish the look, right? Did anyone tell her that there would be time limits for this stuff?" Tim tells them that avant-garde means new and experimental. This is their chance to wow the judges. Fabio interviews that he has been dying for an avant-garde look because it means that you can do whatever you want as long as it's awesome.

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