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Tim is using the button bag to assign palettes. Fabio is getting The Enchanted Queen. Sonjia gets The Seductive Temptress. He asks her if she's feeling seductive and tempting and she vamps and jokes that she is. Dmitry gets The Wise Mystic. The Artsy Muse goes to Melissa, which means that Christopher gets to choose whichever of the leading ladies that he wants. He chooses The Enchanted Queen, then interviews that he really doesn't like going head-to-head with Fabio but there was black in the palette and, duh, of course he was going to choose that.

The designers are told that they will have 30 minutes to sketch, then 400 bucks at Mood. Big number! Also, they will have two days for the challenge. Fabio says that his mind is already racing. Everybody goes to a different place and sits with the make-up for a minute. Dmitry says that he's going to make a suit. Sonjia is thinking sexy yet complex. Christopher feels that his Queen is evil and needs an hourglass figure. Melissa wishes she had gotten the Queen too. Fabio wants to make a very structured jacket with a sheer dress.

At Mood, Fabio interviews that, with all of the construction required in an avant-garde look, the larger budget will still be spent very easily. There's a moment where he's disappointed because he wants to use some feathers that Christopher is already using. Christopher interviews that the judges are going to like his Queen better. Sonjia finds some gold fabric and some green fabric that she really likes, however, she's not sure what she's going to be making. Melissa is confused by her colors. Oh God.

Back at Parson's, Tim enters the workroom and is shocked by how few of them remain. He tells them that the judges will expect to see about two months of work from the two days that they have to work on these avant-garde looks. He wants them to be very ambitious and to knock the socks off of the judges. They will have their L'Oreal make-up consultations in a bit, then Tim will come back to check on them.

Tim leaves and everyone gets to work. Sonjia immediately freaks out because the gold fabric that she found is not in her Mood bag. How can this be a plot point even more than once? Are they sales people not packing stuff up correctly? Do you go to Mood and buy stuff and you don't even know where you're putting things or, I don't know, you don't watch people put your shit in a bag? It's weird to me. Dmitry says that Sonjia is in trouble. It was her main fabric too. She decides to just play around and make it work.

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