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Robert's design is next. He used mop heads for a really short skirt and flat bread for a corset with a boned look. The model's midriff is bare. I know that people say this about designers all of the time, but Robert really seems to love women and their shape. His design is all about making the model look hot. The model still has curlers in her hair. For me, it looks like they are saying she's so hot, she doesn't even have to finish her hair. Fine.

Stupid Morgan comes out next, and Kara Saun notes that Morgan is a terrific walker, which makes up for her lateness and tragic qualities. You're too forgiving, Kara Saun. Her design is awesome. Her painting of Morgan is really intricate and beautiful.

For Kevin's design, he created a short dress from a shower curtain. The interest of the dress is a bunching of shower curtain at the front of the neck. It resembles a cross between an overgrown corsage and an explosion. It's not great, but it seems original. Kevin looks on nervously from the sidelines.

Nora's dress is hot. The lounge chair creates a very hourglass-y sort of silhouette. It's cool. In voice-over, Nora says that she really wants to impress the judges with her concept.

Up next is Daniel's design. It's really ugly. Daniel blows some more hot air up his own ass in the interview, saying he knows what Michael Kors and Nina Garcia want.

Alexandra's dress is next, and resembles a dress made out of nylon, which is exactly what it is. Way to innovate.

Mario's dress is pretty, yet simple (a long gown made of wrapped shower curtains). Mario says again, in a voice-over, that he doesn't compromise his art. You don't compromise by using imagination? Your art is really boring, then.

The fashion show is over, and Heidi calls all of the designers onto the stage. Scores have been tallied. She calls the names of Kevin, Alexandra, Mario, Jay, Kara, and Robert. They step forward. Jay says, in a voice-over, that he is standing in the group with the person he thought would be eliminated. He's nervous. He's also, in the interview, wearing a white mink stole and Bjork hair buns. This must be noted. And loved, kind of. None of them is out. They leave the runway.

The people remaining had the highest and the lowest score. The person with the highest score will be immune from elimination next week. The person with the lowest score will be..."yacht"? Huh? Oh. Commercials.

The models return and stand beside the remaining designers, while wearing their designs. Patricia Field asks Austin whether he boiled the cornhusks. He did not. She notes that they dried out, to which Austin responds with a wordless opened mouth. I feel ya, buddy. Nina tells Wendy, "I wish that I had seen more clothes." On to Vanessa, who says that her inspiration was Cajun. She had planned on putting the crawfish (which she calls "mini-lobsters") along the bodice, like they were caught in the netting. You can actually see that influence pretty clearly. She decided that the crawfish were unnecessary. Michael Kors says that, though both Vanessa and he are wearing black, he would have preferred to see more color in her design -- including the crawfish. I hope that is advice and not a judgment, because it is not fair to judge something for what it's not, rather than what it is. Heidi asks Mario to remove his model's jacket. He then goes on about the length of time he spent working on the jacket. No one looks impressed, though Patricia Field does seem a bit embarrassed. Michael Kors tells Nora that he loves her dress. It's innovative and wearable. Heidi asks Starr -- poor, sad-mouthed, orphan-looking Starr -- to explain her design. Really, she looks pitiful up there. She doesn't do much explaining, except to say that she likes the materials she used. Nina says she doesn't know how wearable the dress is. Then, all of the designers leave the stage while the judges deliberate.

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