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Backstage, Starr is crying. We see the judges talking. They hated Wendy's design. Michael Kors says, of Daniel's piece, "Oh my god, garbage bag couture again?" Patricia Field agrees, "'What's the easiest and most boring thing I can do?'" They weren't wild about Starr's either, so it looks like Vanessa was one of the top three.

The judges bring everyone back. Heidi tells us that fashion is all about what is in and what is "art." Hmmm, that doesn't really...oh, I get it. (Last time I make that joke. I promise.) Vanessa is "in." Nora is "in." Wendy is "in." Oh, well. The remaining three are sweating; except Daniel, who is sure he will win. Accompanied by a light-through-the-clouds depression medication background score, Heidi announces that the winner of the challenge is Austin. He's thrilled. He endearingly says in an interview that winning the challenge was one of the happiest moments of his life.

It's down to Daniel and Starr. Stop happy strummy music, cue death tones. Starr is already tearing up. Daniel is told that his choice of materials was unchallenging. Starr is told that she wasn't innovative with concept. However, she's still "in." A cartoon "D'oh" sound accompanies Daniel's realization that he was just eliminated. Heidi shakes his hand and sends him on his way. He says in an interview that he is shocked. No one seems too sad to see him go. In his final interview -- I have to transcribe it for you, it's too perfect -- Daniel says the following: "If you believe in theatrics, then there are a lot of designers [here] for you to choose from. However, you know, if you believe in honor, dignity, integrity...if you believe in artistic credence and if you believe in artistic honesty and if you believe in following your bliss, then I'm Daniel Franco and [hand extended] I'd like to wish you bliss." And, scene.

Next episode: Wendy and Vanessa argue. Jay did not take the bitch's dye. I love this show.

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