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We see Austin meeting Nora and a really tanned guy named Robert, and then there is uncomfortableness as they stand around waiting for someone to tell them where to go.

Everyone is arriving in taxis.

A large guy is getting his stuff out of a car. We hear via voice-over that he "worked in" porn, a website. It's Jay McCarroll, twenty-nine, from Dallas, Pennsylvania. He explains that the work paid well, but that, when he looked around his life, everything was bought with "dirty money." At this point, I'm overcome with an assortment of disturbing images. Must...have...oxygen. Some of Jay's designs are shown. They are great -- form-fitting with really sexy, textural touches. Seriously, they're fucking good. Jay tells how his porn boss inspired him to quit. Sure, it was inspiration by way of ridicule, but it worked. He mentions how the other "mutherbleepers" who arrived with him let him unload their luggage from the car. Jay is gonna be fun. ["Austin is #1 in my heart, like I said, but Jay is a very close #2." -- Wing Chun]

Everyone is standing on the curb at the Atlas building when Heidi arrives. She welcomes everyone, informing them that they were chosen out of "hundreds" of applicants. Doesn't sound like such a feat when you put it that way. "Hundreds"? She gives them the keys and tells them that they will be meeting her later at Parsons School of Design.

The contestants go upstairs and ooh-an-ah over the place.

We are introduced to Alexandra Vidal, who is twenty-two and from Miami. She has kind of a Shakira vibe. The photos of her previous work are not that impressive; there's not a coherent thread uniting them. A couple of them have bodices and short skirts and one of them looks like it could have been lifted from the costumes from the "Father Figure" video. It has a short skirt as well, so maybe that's her thing -- short skirts. Dear Alexandra: Get a new thing. ["Well...Miami." -- Wing Chun] She tells us that people underestimate how smart she is. I'd like for her to know that people who talk about how smart they are underestimate how much respect for them is lost when they say that. Overall, she seems really cute, but maybe a little dim. I reserve the right to change that opinion.

Next we meet Kara Saun, who is thirty-seven, from Los Angeles, and winner of the best name contest. She's a costume designer. They show a couple of photos of people wearing her work, but they are odd choices. In one, all you see is a feather boa and a woman's head. In the other, I think it's Eddie Griffin from Deuce Bigolo: Male Gigolo wearing a suit with no shirt. For real. Leave those off of your résumé, Kara. Then, they show a couple of sketches of her gowns. They look lovely. She says that she designed for Queen Latifah. Kara says in an interview (in front of a couple of mannequins) that designing her own line has always been a dream of hers. The mannequins are freaking me out. From interview to interview, they move. It seems like they are sneaking up on the designers. By Episode 4, they're gonna kill somebody.

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