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At the Project Runway Workshop, Tim tells all of the designers that they will have until midnight, and a few more hours the next day, to work. Of course, everyone looks like they've just been raped. Vanessa complains that her fish is getting stinky. Oh, I see, it's because she bought fish at Gristedes. She has a half-pound of crawfish, a laundry bag, and trash bags. Alexandra bought brown pantyhose and brown socks, which seems like a total cop-out. It's like being told to make something for dinner from items at the fabric store and just finding the vending machine in the office in the back. Totally cheating. Seriously, though, she's supposed to be innovative, not resourceful. Robert bought three mop heads, flat bread, food coloring, and a candy alphabet. I'm having trouble placing his accent. Wendy bought green pepper, rope candy, breath mints, and trinkets. That's what I had for dinner last night.

While the contestants are voicing their concerns about being able to complete their projects successfully, Mario has draped his mannequin with a shower curtain and says he is done. There are ten and one-half hours remaining...let me rephrase: Mario took, like, thirty minutes to make his dress. Kevin tells him that he should keep on working, since he has the time. Kara Saun says in an interview that Mario is a nonchalant rebel. She mentions that, while everyone was working, Mario lounged: "That's his style." He actually looks like he was having a great time. Daniel bitches that Mario is amateurish and says he has no "purpose or style." He punctuates "purpose or style" with his hands, William Shatner-like. Wendy asks, "Is Mario smarter than me because he bought a shower curtain and made it in fifteen minutes?" Defensive much, Wendy? ["He might be smart enough to know it's 'smarter than I.' But I doubt it." -- Wing Chun] We see more shots of Marion gallivanting. Again, it looks like he is having so much fun. Sure, he is exhibiting a great deal of hubris and should put his mind to work. My first impression of him is changed, though. I like him.

Now we get to talk about Daniel. I've been craving this, constantly. Jay says that his approach is like Bob Barker, and that he is very cheesy: "It makes me want to leave the room." We see Jay and Mario smoking outside, and Jay mentions that everyone seems very cutthroat.

In an interview, Austin -- wearing what appears to be a circa 1988 Laura Ashley couch's upholstery -- says that he is worried about his design. He hates it. But Mario tells him that he will like it better once his workspace is cleared a little. That was really sweet. Austin worries that maybe he has taken on a project that is too big to handle in such a short length of time. Commercials.

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