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Next is Kara's design. It's a sleeveless black tube dress with that yellow and black striped sash running diagonally along the bodice. Yawn. She says that she really feels like she brought forth her meaningless "Danger. No trespassing" bullshit.

Here's Santino's gown. It's a lot like some of his other designs. High-waisted, with lots of bunching. I see the graffiti influence, though it's hard to get Austin Scarlett's dress out of my mind. Santino thinks that finding the fabric that he used was "a stroke of good luck."

Here's Daniel's idea. It really looks like an orchid in a vase. The top is a lovely organza fabric in a champagne shade. It's bunched at the waist, then blouses over the bust. It cinches again at the neck, and the collar kind of "blooms." The skirt is a green tweed and really beautifully fitted. I like that it's kind of literal both visually and texturally, but also is transformative. It's about making a flower look human, rather than vice versa. Daniel is happy with it.

Here comes Chloe's design. Her inspiration was a building in New York with turquoise and silver panels all along it. My friend Susan used to temp in that building. I'm wondering if Chloe chose that photo as her inspiration just so she could use blue and black shades again. The dress is strapless. Right below the bust are alternating silver and blue ribbons wrapping around her waist. There are vertical pleats above and below the ribbons.

Here comes Rachael in Nick's design. Like Nick says, she "glided" down the runway. Seriously, she does a really lovely job. I'm wondering if the designers need to do a little more to motivate their models, because I kind of feel like walking like we're seeing right now might change the competition. The design itself? Not really loving it. It's a black-and-white two-piece. The top is black-and-white striped and is tight on her waist. It is draped asymmetrically across the bust, with a shimmering pendant at the center of the bust. There's a small train to the top. The skirt is black and fish-tailed. Nick's inspiration was a black-and-white fabric with some sort of cross on it.

Zulema's design is next. It's orange and…it's an orange dress. It's a lot like the Banana Republic dress that she did. The skirt of the dress is a transparent fabric. Zulema says that she likes Tarah modeling her clothing. To her credit, Tarah still works that runway even though she doesn't want to wear Zulema's design.

The designers are called onstage. Everyone is going to remain on the runway for the judging. The models return. Nina says that she likes Daniel's design. Michael likes it too. Jay says that he wanted Chloe's design to be more geometric. She says that she would have liked that too, but she didn't have time. Then, we see footage of Jay's Chrysler Building dress. Jay's all, "Don't give me that." Nina, however, says that she likes the dress.

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