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Kara explains the "Danger. No trespassing" idea in an incredibly verbose manner. Jay tells her that it's "big talk" but "the talk doesn't match the dress." Kara disagrees and says, "I think simplicity has its voice…and I think this speaks volumes." Michael basically says that Donna Karan does New York iconography a lot better than Kara. However, I could see Barbra Streisand sporting a look that says, "Danger. No trespassing." So, maybe they have something in common.

Andrae, scaring me for a moment because he takes a big breath like he was going to start crying again, says that he wanted to create something beautiful from something ugly. Jay says that he thinks it's the "most inspired." Michael thinks it's "pretty great-looking." Heidi points out that Andrae's dress looks very expensive and was made for only $100.

Nick describes his dress as "Paris Hilton in Greece, strolling with her Greek boyfriend, down the beaches of Mykonos." Jay says, "Once again -- big story." Heidi says she remembers him having his own stories, and he says, "No, that was Austin." Then, he quite accurately mocks Austin's description of his swimsuit design. Michael likes Nick's top, but is equally confused by the Mykonos reference.

Zulema says she tried to mix traditional African dress with "Western cut." Nina says that this is that the third time that Zulema has presented an unfinished garment. She also remarks that some of the other designers have "exceptional presentation." Michael pulls out a tired analogy, saying the dress is "like the trashy debutante in town with the red dress and her mother's a bad home sewer." That actually seems fairly unique. Like, when are debutantes trashy? And when do they wear red (looks orange to me) dresses? And when would a debutante's mother sew this red dress? Moving on, Zulema tries to blame the dress on Tim by saying that he told her to take risks. "Tim did not make this dress," replies Nina.

Santino explains her dress. Jay points out that Santino used the same fabric as Austin last year. He adds the skirt is "massivo." Heidi says she feels like "a big butt is hiding underneath that thing." Michael thinks some women might like that. He also says "hats off" to Santino for trying to rein himself in for this challenge. The judges leave the runway.

Heidi likes Chloe's dress. Michael describes Kara's dress as "a tube dress with a piece of tape wrapped around it." Nina found Nick's design "not memorable." They hate Zulema's execution of her design. Jay loves Andrae. They all like his dress. Nina reminds everyone that it looks expensive. Heidi says, "I prefer Dan." Nina thinks it's sophisticated. Michael says he is a "full Dan fan." His design was "unexpected" and "changed the silhouette." Nina feels that Santino's design looked unfinished. Heidi gives him credit for not going crazy with the graffiti theme, but Nina points out that a lot of people have been inspired by graffiti.

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