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At Parsons, Heidi greets everyone. Until now, I've liked all of her maternity clothes. I'm not into this dress, though. It's a sleeveless black turtleneck dress with gray trim. Not loving that. She tells them that this challenge will be about "inspiration," which she brackets in air apostrophes. Maybe they do it differently in Germany. Of course, with the ridiculous length of some of my sentences (not to mention my own "use" of the language), perhaps I shouldn't be pointing fingers at anyone's grammar and punctuation. Heidi tells them that they will go to Michael Kors's office for a little inspiration pow-wow.

But first, the model-choosing must commence. Rachael and Shannon enter the runway. Zulema tells Heidi that she wants to change models, so she would like to see all of the models on the runway. Ooh. Ouch. Okay, so she doesn't want Rachael, and she's not sure which girl she does want. That can't feel good. When we hear the news, Rachael kind of snaps her head towards Heidi. Good show of not looking embarrassed. We see a shot of Nick sending a sheepish smile to (I'm assuming) Rachael.

When all of the girls are on the runway, Heidi asks Zulema with whom she would like to switch Rachael. Hmm. That's not what I assumed would happen. I thought that if your model was taken from you by the winner of a challenge, you would then get your choice of the two models. I guess the winner of the challenge is the only person with any power during the model-choosing.

So, Zulema…I'm going to quote her: "I would like to have like to have a walk-off between [sic] the following three models: Danyelle, Tarah, and Shannon." So, Danyelle, revealing that she and Andrae are twin souls, dramatically shuts her eyes and kind of purses her lips like she is suppressing a whimper when her name is called. Tarah just kind of shoots a look in Nick's direction. Shannon (Emmett's model), with a raised eyebrow and just a hint of a smirk, looks like she's thinking, "Yeah, here you are. Nursing school's not looking so fucking bad now, is it, Shannon? You, a grown woman, are standing here barefoot in a negligee and some woman with massive sunglasses on, inside a black room -- I mean, sure, there are some lights, but, really, drop the fucking glasses, woman -- this woman is asking you to show her that you can walk. Walking, also known as 'that thing you've been doing since you were a year old.'" Okay, I maybe read a little into that look, but it resembled something like that.

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