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Andrae completes his transformation into Edvard Munch's The Scream.

Daniel, in an interview, with widened eyes and a smile in his voice, says, "It's a mutherfucking walk-off." Nick, in his interview, says that this seems like something Zulema would do. Daniel says, "Once we realized that it was gonna happen, you could just like feel the tension between [sic] all of us." An "among," anyone?

The girls walk. They all seem fine. We hear a voice-over from Santino, who remarks that, until now, all of the challenge-winning designers had been loyal to their models. Zulema, in a voice-over, justifies her walk-off by explaining that she had not had time to study the other models. This way, with all of them in the same outfit, their movement would be easier to judge. She chooses Tarah. Rachael looks really dejected. Both Tarah and Nick seem fairly crushed. Nick interviews that he wanted to vomit when he heard Zulema choose Tarah. He also says that he thinks Zulema had planned on choosing Tarah, and the walk-off was just an over-dramatic formality. Per Nick, Rachael kept staring at him like, "I can't believe this bitch did this."

Zulema says, "I changed models because my model cannot walk." Nice. She's worked with the girl for seven challenges (during one of which she totally bared the poor girl's tootie) and she doesn't even show her the respect of calling her by her name (italicized to emphasize that calling someone by their fucking name isn't, even then, that much of a show of respect). She also says that she "can't be concerned with Nick." Like it's the most obvious thing in the world, she says that he should win this challenge and take Tarah back for the next challenge. Problem solved! Move over, Jimmy Carter, there's a new peacemaker in town! At this point, I realize I should probably just delete the first, like, five paragraphs of this recap, since now Zulema has just done several shitty things. But instead, I'm gonna chalk it all up to people change, live and learn, once bitten/twice shy, stiff upper lip, and the like. She's a jerk. How can she say that with a straight face? It has taken her seven challenges to finally win, and she barely squeaked by in several of those. So, don't act like winning a challenge is something you just decide to do. Also, you did something a little mean -- just own it. Taking someone's model is not the end of the world, but Zulema acting like it's commonplace is almost enraging.

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