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Chloe mentions to Nick that he's not taking any photos. Then we see an interview where he admits to being crushed that Tarah was taken from him. He adds that he is inspired by his models, which I recall him saying early on in the season. He also says something about Zulema "causing tension" by stealing Tarah from him. Hey, Nick? ADAPT.

Earlier, when Santino was being interviewed, we saw some of his photos, one of which was a photo of a photo of a woman flipping the bird from her car. It was probably being sold on the sidewalk. Well, when Andrae sees Santino's photo for the first time, he says, "Somebody's flipping you off? How'd you get that?" And Santino doesn't correct him. I kind of love that. I mean, in the picture that Santino took, you can see the glare from the sun on the glass of the framed photo. And we only saw it for a moment. I can't imagine how obvious it would be if we actually got to stare at it. I really am beginning to love Andrae. He's ridiculous.

The designers go back to Parsons and print out their photos with a printer containing photo-print-quality paper. This is technology that I find really cool. Everyone is looking for the one photo that will be their inspiration. Santino decides to use a photo of graffiti on a black surface.

Daniel decides to use a photo of an orchid in a vase that was in Michael Kors's office. This will make the hepatitis he just got from lying on the New York City pavement totally unworthwhile.

Andrae chose a photo of "some dirty water in a gutter" as his inspiration. Doesn't that sound like criticism that Anne Slowey might use for a design? He says that he likes the way light reflected in the water. "I always like to take something that's humble or lowly or ugly and apply, like, the big charm gun to it and make it pretty." All the mannequins heard was "gun." They're freaked, as well they should be.

Oh my God. Nick is still whining about the model thing. He can't find his inspiration. Because, apparently, he plans on working with only one model for his entire freaking career. Diversify!

Here comes Tim Gunn. He asks everyone to listen to him. Then he says, rather incredibly, "I care very deeply about each and every one of you." Now, I believe that Tim cares about fashion and wants people to make great things, but…I find it hard to believe that he's sitting around caring deeply about Zulema. Or Santino. Or, bless his heart, even Andrae. Anyway, he continues. He tells them that, in his opinion, the work for the last several challenges has been "quite lackluster." It's time to "wake up."

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