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Then Tim lists problems. He goes through everyone. He tells Daniel that he is always very exciting in the design stages, but it seems that he loses momentum. He tells Chloe that he's afraid the judges are going to consider her "one-note." I'm impressed that Chloe just hears what he's saying and doesn't register any resentment at all. That's hard. I mean, Daniel got a big compliment at the beginning of his criticism, so it was easy for him. Chloe was a even better sport about it, though. With much emphasis, Tim tells Zulema to "take risks." Zulema does the opposite of Chloe and says that her problems are really about "time management," not taking risks. Tim shuts her down with a mighty "The judges don't care. They accept the time constraints." Tim's been to more rodeos than all y'all combined, lady! Who are you trying to fool? Apparently us, because Zulema interviews that "whatever [she] did before, it has to be two times better." I just find so much of what she says to be bullshit. Not that she's being entirely literal when she says that, but would you ever qualify a creative design as being "two times better" than another one of their designs? Okay, I'm going to back away -- I think I'm taking some of her statements a little too seriously.

He reminds Kara that she is the only remaining designer who has not won a challenge. Wow, that's pretty amazing that so many people have won challenges. He adds that she shouldn't be designing clothes that look "like we could buy it on Madison Avenue." That's the ouchiest thing he's said so far. He tells Santino that he is in "serious jeopardy." Santino interviews quite earnestly that he takes Tim's comments very seriously. Tim groups Andrae and Nick and says, "Be more ambitious." Easy enough. Oh no, Nick is all, "What is he talking about? I have been ambitious! I think it was more of a slap." What a damn sad sack that boy is during this challenge. He continues, saying that Tim's comment was some sort of "last straw" and now he's "over" the show and wants to leave. No, it's not just you, gentle reader. We all missed something. We all missed Nick getting even remotely close to whatever this "over the show" crap he's talking about. Methinks somebody's Aunt Flo is in town for a visit. When Tim concludes, telling them that it's time to shop for supplies, Nick can barely muster the energy to make sure that his polo collar is still fully erect. This is a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown, folks.

On the way to Mood, we hear an interview from him of the positive perspective -- one Daniel Vosovic, who says that Tim gave them a wake-up call. Daniel feels that he can do "so much more." At Mood, Daniel shows Tim his orchid picture and says his inspiration is "Japanese sleekness." Tim is buying.

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