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That night, at the boys' apartment, Nick says that he will not be fucked with. We see Zulema kind of moping around.

The next morning, Kara wakes Zulema up. We hear Zulema utter the most ridiculous quotation of the series: "I mean, anyone who says they're not here to win should go home now, because they've already lost." What THE FUCK is she talking about? Really, just look at the sentence. Think about it. Is she talking about the people who are just shooting for the final three? Because Wendy Pepper did that (forgive me for mentioning her yet again. I know it's annoying, but she's a freaking template! Give me a break!) and she, uh, made it to the final three. I think maybe Zulema needs to take some yoga or some shit and chill out and just do her thing, instead of talking all of the time. On a lighter note, in the boys' apartment, Santino says, "Ready, guys?" Andrae, dead calm, says, "Yeah, we've been ready." Santino replies, "Oh, such a little bitch." I really love all of those guys being together.

At Parsons, Tim tells everyone that they have an hour to get their models fitted and made up. We see Zulema dressing Tarah. She tells Tarah that she still has to do "some sewing." Tarah interviews (you heard me correctly -- a model interviews) that she did not like Zulema's design. She says that Zulema had to sew it onto her and kept poking her with pins and needles. "It was horrible."

Rachael breaks my heart and says, "I'm gonna model extra-hard. Not to prove Zulema wrong. Just to be able to stay with Nick, because Nick is my favorite." Nick coaches her walk, which goes surprisingly well. Nick interviews that Rachael is his "new muse." Tarah is looking at them and, if there's a God, there will be a catfight. Well, I guess there's not a God, because they don't fight. At least your Sundays are free now. Enjoy your brunch! When Zulema isn't looking, Tarah runs to Nick and pouts that she's not working with him.

The designers are telling the make-up artists what they want for their models. Kara just says, "Danger. No trespassing," like that means a fucking thing. Tim has a problem getting everyone to the runway. "If you stay here, you self-eliminate," he finally says.

On the runway, Heidi greets everyone. The judges today are Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and, holla!, Jay McCarroll. The show begins. First up is Andrae's design. It's a lovely shimmering gray/silver gown. Along the bodice is beading that really does resemble his inspiration photo. Also, it fits the model beautifully. Andrae interviews that he feels he was ambitious. He's happy with his design.

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