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Andy tells us that he's not sure what is going on because he feels like he gave a good showing during the last two challenges, but he judges haven't responded. As they are leaving the apartment, Cute Michael jokes that he hopes their limo is waiting for them. Christopher replies, "The short bus is more like it." Well, well, well. Looks like we've got a joker on board. I didn't know you had it in you, Christopher. Let's see what else you got.

At the runway, Heidi greets the designers from the catwalk. She brings out Gretchen's model, plus the models of Jason and Nicholas. Of course, Gretchen's sticking with her girl and the others are out. That was totally pointless.

Now, Heidi tells the designers that two challenges under their belt is a cause for celebration. Tim is going to throw them a party where he will describe for them the next challenge. Don't you just know that Tim has been planning the SHIT out of this party? I'm smelling a rager. Panties are going to get lost. Blackouts for everyone! Andy interviews that he doesn't think they will be popping champagne on a rooftop but I think he doesn't know Tim. This shit's gonna get WILD.

The designers meet Tim at a party supply store. He reveals that he has tricked them. There will be no party. Instead, they will be getting materials for the next challenge at the store. Why should we believe anything you say, Tim? He says that he really enjoys the unconventional challenges, because they push the designers to innovate. He reminds everyone that the judges do not like when a designer uses materials that could double as fabric, ala tablecloths, wrapping paper, etc.

They all go crazy in the party store. Tim tells A.J. that this is "his" challenge, because he works with crazy shit. He agrees. Gretchen is whining for someone in the store to help her. This ain't Mood, honey. She interviews that the store is "cheese ball city" and nothing about her design aesthetic is cheese ball. The mannequins are seriously wishing they had eyeballs right now, just so they could ROLL them. Hard. A hard roll. Because Gretchen does not seem to get it. As much as April's snark about Gretchen's lack of creativity seems a little like jealousy, she may have a real point. There's nothing wrong with just making salable stuff either, but Gretchen acts like she's God's fashion conduit.

Casanova is really frustrating me. I understand there are some communication difficulties, but I actually think he doesn't hear what he doesn't want to hear. He asks Tim if they're going to use fabric. Uh, no. Use some party shit and buy it now. Use your mind! He interviews that he has no idea how to make something elegant out of shit. I'm not sure you know how to make something elegant out of anything, but carry on. He gets a bunch of stuffed animals. Also, he goes for Tablecloths. The show reminds us that two minutes earlier Tim told everyone that the judges don't like it when you use tablecloths. GAH. Everybody is done, but not before Christopher models a giant flower on his ass.

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