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Back at the workroom, Peach is excited that she has a complete plan. Gretchen, sounding so self-serious and boring, interviews that her goal is to stay true to herself and her aesthetic, no matter what the challenge. I vow never to relay another thought like that from one of these designers. Because, oh really? You want to be true to yourself? I bet you a grand prize that you would prefer to stay true to whatever the judges want. You and your stupid bangs.

A.J. caucuses a little with Mondo because he's afraid they have the same theme. They don't, really, but A.J. doesn't seem to hear that. He's kind of a spaz right now and it's scary. It makes his face look like Jacob Marley. You know what I mean. Do you? I hope you do.

Tim announces that the winner of this challenge (for the first time this season) will have immunity. Tim leaves and Casanova starts butchering the stuffed animals. It frightens everyone and is accompanied by very serious music. He keeps calling them "plush puppies." I hate that. It really does look grotesque.

Oh my God, commercials. So, party supplies. You know, Julia was at a party in Eat, Pray, Love. A book party or the like. She was in an amazing dress and seemingly taller than every other fucking person in the room including her husband, played by the fun-sized nugget Billy Crudup. It was at this party, it seems, that she felt she no longer belonged with Mr. Crudup. Now, I'm going to admit something right now. The first thing I'm going to admit is that this absolutely NOTHING to do with Project Runway save for my vow to relate everything for the rest of this season to Eat, Pray, Love. Well, that was maybe a vow that's going to be a more difficult fit that I originally thought. But, what I really want to admit is that I kind of related to Billy Crudup's character, which is an enormous thing for me to write considering I live pretty devoutly in a state of W.W.J.D. Julia. What would she do? So, we're a little bit at odds right now. I don't know how to reconcile this.

We're back and it looks like Gretchen is loudly giving people advice. Everyone is a little freaked about using such different materials. Mondo, however, is feeling comfortable. Andy is braiding some ribbon, but isn't sure how he's going to incorporate it into his design.

Kristin mentions to A.J. that she imagines he is psyched about this challenge. He replies that he feels like he's talked a big game to this point and he hopes to deliver. This is certainly his milieu but he's not used to working under this sort of time restraint. He doesn't want to make a messy and silly version of what he usually does. We see him explaining himself to everyone and Other Michael begs, via interview, for him to shut up. It really does look like he's talking a lot, but you never know.

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