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Kristin shows Tim her work as we hear an interview from Ivy where she says that her designs are atrocious and she shouldn't be here. Tim seems to agree with her. But, then, he notes that she has purchased "animal wooly balls" and seriously loses his shit. Like, I've never seen Tim Gunn laugh like this. Like, he's crying.

Tim tells Ivy that he doesn't think she has enough time to finish her design. Cute Michael interviews that he's worried about her too. Can we talk about his voice for a minute? It's crazy. It's like aluminum foil. And, I LOVE IT. Seriously, it's giving me chills here, people. I'm going to register for our wedding in like 10 minutes. Williams-Sonoma. I need some Le Creuset. And weirdly shaped Bundt pans.

Peach tells Tim that she's trying to be subtle and he doesn't like it. He thinks that this is the challenge to be outrageous. He feels that she acts like she has a piece of coal up her ass. He thinks that she should turn it into a diamond and pull it out. Seriously, I did not make that up. She laughs. Other Michael has made a lovely red dress and Tim likes it. Sarah thinks it's great too. She tries to tell Tim about her dress and he likes the shapes and colors. Gretchen, of course, is perfect, though Other Michael hates her shit. She tells Tim that she was listening to "other opinions" and doubting herself. Who had a chance to give her an opinion with all of her talking? This makes me feel manipulated by production. Anyway, Tim tells her to trust herself and she agrees to do just that.

Casanova tells Tim that he still wants to use tablecloth though he was told not to. Tim tells him to make it work and moves on. Smart move from Tim to not engage. Tim tells everyone that the potential in the room is amazing and he feels that everyone's concepts are profound. God, I love it when he talks like that, though I don't feel that way at all.

Sarah is really worried and Gretchen gives her all sorts of advice. She's still worried. The models return and everyone gets to fitting. Valerie is worried about her skirt being too heavy. Sarah is worried about finishing her look. The models return with gift bags. And a note. The designers have to create an accessory from items in the gift bag. They head home, because the day is over.

The next day, as they are getting ready, Mondo asks if he should wear a fake mustache. I say yes. Casanova also says yes. Let's see what happens. Gretchen says that she thinks it will affect the dynamic if she wins for a whopping third time in a row. She looks so annoying when she says that. Peach and April vow that she won't win. A.J. is still talking. Valerie says that if she's in the top with Gretchen again and doesn't win, she'll be the Susan Lucci of Project Runway, thus sealing my love for her. It's done folks. I'm hers.

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