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At the workroom, they have two hours to work. Gretchen reminds everyone that the need to clean up their stations, which makes everyone hate her more. Big mistake, Gretchen. The models come in for a fitting. Valerie made a ring for her girl. Christopher made a bracelet, though he was shooting for an anklet. His model discouraged him. Tim enters and says that he has chills. Peach and April help Andy finish his garment, which was lovely. Gretchen is not happy with that though, because she feels like he had time management issues. Fuck that.

Christopher says that he's nervous about his model tearing his dress. Sarah's outfit doesn't fit and she has to put it together on the model. They all run through hair and make-up. Ivy says that she's getting light-headed from smelling the hot glue that she's using.

On the runway, Heidi greets the designers. She introduces Michael, Nina, and... Betsey Johnson!!! She fakes a cartwheel. Faker. The show begins and Christopher's dress is an Audrey Hepburn Givenchy neckline dress of napkins. It's lovely. Cute Michael's dress is next. It's silver lame and blue something. It's only OK. Cute, though stiff, silhouette. Shit. Andy's dress is ribbon black and silver shit. It's amazing. It looks like leather.

A.J.'s dress looks like wrapping paper with party favors stuck to it. Ugly. Wrong. He thinks he's winning, but he's not. This season, we've been hearing the designers talking under their breath about designs. Cute Michael whispers to Gretchen that things are misplaced on A.J.'s look. Here's Ivy's dress. It's super intricate, with napkin shit everywhere, but it looks too heavy. It makes the model look thick. My opinion -- I think everyone is going to love this.

Other Michael's dress is a floor-length fitted dress in red. It's gorgeous. Peach has a short dress with a flared zebra-print skirt with hot pink tulle stuff. Here's Gretchen's look. It's a tinsel skirt with a black shrug of paper. It's pretty normal for party supplies. Gretchen says that she can see herself wearing it. Mondo made a pink dress with a vinyl bodice and a napkin or garland skirt. Pretty. Casanova made a floor-length dress of black, silver and gray. It's pretty intricate and I don't think the judges will know what he made it with. Kristin's dress is a mess. It's a baby doll halter that is all over the place. Sarah's dress is a boring nothing. Valerie's dress is amazing. She agrees and thinks that she might win. A sexy halter in black and white.

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