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Heidi calls Peach, Other Michael, Ivy, Kristin, Cute Michael, Mondo, Christopher and April. They're all safe. They leave the runway and freak out backstage. Onstage, the models return. Heidi says that the losing model will be eliminated with the losing designer. They start with Valerie's look. Michael thinks that Valerie's styling is amazing, though he's not wild about her accessory. Nina loves the graphic of the black and white. Betsey finds it beautiful. She also loves that you could wipe your face with the dress. Oh, Betsey. I love you.

A.J. tells the judges that he had a lot of fun and wanted to make a birthday dress. He used cupcake foils to make his accessory -- a necklace. Heidi only likes the necklace. She finds the dress silly. Nina thinks it's a "hot mess." He thanks her and Heidi informs him that Nina wasn't complimenting him. Welcome back to fucking 7th grade. Betsey says that he was in the party spirit but she wishes he'd taken it even further. He thanks her for having his back.

Andy used balloons to make gloves for his model. Awesome. Michael loves his dress. Nina thinks it's remarkable. Betsey wonders if it's too beautiful. Michael thinks that, ahem, Casanova's girl looks like a flamenco transvestite at a funeral. Wow. Michael thinks the taste level is missing. Betsey like that the back is different from the front. Sarah does a shit job of selling her dress. Nina thinks it looks simple. Heidi thinks it's sad. Nina thinks that Gretchen's look is fabulous. She thinks it's "now." Ew. Michael loves it. Betsey thinks it's a combo of Tina Turner and Mel Gibson/Mad Max. They hate the boots that Gretchen chose.

Backstage, the designers gather. They ask Andy what the judges thought about his piece and Gretchen starts to describe it. Someone, a woman, maybe Kristin, says that she wants to hear it from Andy. She smiles and concedes. Andy says that Betsey thought it was too beautiful. A.J. tries to say that she was saying that it was too serious, but Gretchen asks him if she can talk. Hmm. This feels weird and like I don't know everything that came before it. A.J. says that she talks all of the time. There's weirdness and he says that he's not going to fight with her. She says that he's just being sensitive because he's on the bottom. On first viewing, I thought that maybe A.J. was being a little sensitive, but I have to say that Gretchen looks like a real asshole right now.

The judges are conferring. They think that Casanova has no taste. Everyone feels like Sarah should have ditched the palm shit. They point out that Sarah was aware that her design was lackluster while Casanova thought his stuff was amazing. They all felt like A.J.'s look was a mess... and not deliberatly. Betsey loved all of the lines in Valerie's look. Nina thought it was styled well and lovely. Betsey loved the beauty of Andy's look. Michael loved the cut. Michael thinks that Kate Moss would wear Gretchen's look. Nina loved the styling.

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