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Heidi greets all of the designers on the runway. She reminds them that the competition is halfway over but says that the end is a long way away. That's horrible, thanks for the pep talk, Heidi. Gunnar interviews that he wants to win really badly. He says that he wants to buy his mother a "boob job" with the prize money. Dear Lord. If I said anything like that about my mother on television; hell, if I talked about buying my mother a paint job, I would get disappeared real quick. And, good for her, you know? She shouldn't have to have cooked me in her belly for a year and a half and raised me into an this ragingly successful specimen you read before you just to have me talk on basic cable about her BOOBS or what might be put inside of them to make them bigger BOOBS. I mean, seriously, who talks about his mom's boobs in front of people? EW! Come ON! That said, I was only being dramatic about the paint job part. I think she would actually find that very thoughtful. But, poor form, Gunnar. Gross and no.

Heidi tells the designers that each of them will have a different inspiration for the challenge. Christopher interviews that it could be anything but he hope that it doesn't include working for a client or working on a team because those are for the birds.

The designers enter the workroom and Tim is standing with Mondo. Fabio interviews that this is very cool. I am not so sure. Mondo is joyless and a black hole. I don't think I've ever had such a reaction on this show to someone being so not fun. And, adding him to the Elena/Dmitry hate borscht? I'm not sure we are going to make it out of this in one piece. It's moments like this that I wish Kooan had stuck around. Tim welcomes Mondo and he says that he's happy to be there. He could have said the words, "I've been harpooned in the foot" and the tone he just used would have still been appropriate. There's all this HP equipment everywhere, which apparently should have clued them all in to the fact that it's the challenge where they create their own textiles. This is always fun. The challenge proper is that, with a textile that they design, they will need to create a modern runway look inspired by their cultural heritage. Fabio interviews that he has been waiting for this challenge all season. Sonjia adds that it's an amazing opportunity to be able to create your own pattern. Agreed.

Tim reminds us that Mondo won this challenge in Season 8. Yeah, I know I just said some stuff about Mondo being a drag (and, really, he was just the worst on the All-Star season. Just so unpleasant all of the time), but that episode was one of the most powerful things I've ever seen from reality television. He says that his life changed during that challenge and we see a clip of him telling the judges that he is HIV positive. Wow, it gives me chills to see again. So, yeah, that was great. I stand by what I said, because I truly do think his rotten attitude ruined the All-Stars but that's a pretty lame point to make in the face of that poignant clip. Everything about this show was at its best for that episode. The pacing, the music, the judges, Heidi's hair. I'm not even shitting you. I really loved Heidi's hair during that episode.

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