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Mondo tells the designers that he feels that people do their best work when they are showing truth. Gunnar interviews that Mondo put a lot of himself on the line for this challenge and, if Mondo can make a statement, so can he. I think he means that as a compliment. Of course he does, but it actually sound a little weird when you think about it. "If you can do something moving and personal... well then, so can I. GAME ON." It's just that, when you see how Mondo's vulnerability paid off, it seems like less of a risk. He's not even being as courageous as he thinks he is and, Jesus, who cares? I don't know why I'm picking on the poor guy. But, Gunnar loves to talk and sometimes he can get a little back-patty and those poor mannequins just can't handle it. I'm just their voice right now. They'd also like to remind everyone to pick their feet up when they walk. No one needs to hear your damn shoes dragging across the ground.

Mondo tells everyone to dig deep. Dmitry says that this is the challenge where they have the opportunity to show their souls. Mondo adds that they shouldn't be too literal. Creating a "national costume" will be their ticket to go home. Christopher says that he doesn't really know much about his heritage. Tim says that the textile that they design must be prominent in the design. This prompts Dmitry to tell us that he doesn't work a lot with prints but that he is open to new challenges. They will design the textiles and get them from the manufacturer the next day. First though, they will receive cultural dossiers by special delivery. Sonjia wonders who it might be. Mondo apparently also designed a bag for the HP iPad thing and you can get it at the HP website. The bag is black with red and yellow arrows on top. I don't think it's that great.

Tim tells them that it's time to start designing. They're all at work when the door opens and... it's family and friends of the designers! Fabio's boyfriend is there! They are super into each other which is so sweet to see and only a little depressing. Melissa is so happy to see her mother. Elena is very excited to see her mother too. She's a little hysterical, in fact. Speaking of hysterics, are you guys aware that she's completely winning the fan favorite thing on the Lifetime TV website? How is that happening? Is some organization performing some sort of giant hoax? She is the WORST. Am I just not getting something? Because, I've liked some Project Runway anti-heroes before. Elena, though, is just abusive and shrill and mean. I can't sign on. I need to know who is making this happen. Somebody tell me it's just a joke. I like jokes. Anyway, hysterical Elena interviews that she really needed to see her mother. Her mom, who is platinum blonde, is strikingly beautiful, like a cold January Jones.

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