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Tim comes in and tells the designers that their loved ones have prepared dinner for them that is waiting at the Atlas apartments. They cooked dinner, then they left. What? Bad planning. No, I'm wrong. They're still there. The designers return home to Solo cups and burgers, it appears. Nice splurge there, Lifetime. You obviously weren't paying for Lindsay Lohan's room at the Chateau Marmont like with Liz and Dick, the least you could have sprung for was an actual table for them to eat at. Fabio interviews that you start to run out of steam as this competition goes on and seeing and touching your special someone is exactly what he needed. Also, I see no evidence of actual cooking having taken place. Sonjia says that she's just trying to enjoy the moment.

Christopher's mother is slicing tomatoes when they get home. He says that his family being there is going to prevent him from being focused, which is kind of refreshing. He's like, I got shit to do.

The next day, the designers find their prints waiting for them. Everyone seems pretty happy with what they have designed. Christopher thinks all of them are crazy. He thinks Dmitry's resembles cowboy hankies. Melissa's is tropical and he thinks it will look like a sarong if she makes a skirt. And, then, he saunters over to where Fabio has his print lying on the floor. Dmitry is there too. Christopher asks what it is. Oh, what it is? It's fallopian tubes, that's right. There's some fallopian tubes and those are tooties and those are penises. I love Fabio so much in this moment, because I'm not sure he intended this to happen on his pattern but he is so excited. He's like, there are penises and vaginas fucking on my pattern. I hate it when that happens. But, seriously, he says that there is actual copulation happening on his pattern and he is just barely convincing me that he's not embarrassed about what has transpired. He calls it the source of life. It's both genders clashing. Hee. Christopher says that he can see it and Fabio replies, "I'm sure you can." I'm not sure why he's sure but it's very forceful and it makes me laugh some more. "What?" asks Christopher in an interview as he clutches his invisible pearls and I still feel like I'm talking about reproductive parts.

Christopher is having a hard time. He drapes something that is fairly simple and he's just sort of done. He's lacking inspiration. He interviews that something is really off with him for this challenge. Gunnar watches him and interviews that he seems like a lost puppy and that he feels he sometimes takes the easy way out with his draping. Meanwhile, Gunnar has all of these pattern pieces for his jacket. Ven is using his print as kind of a corsage, which doesn't really seem to be in the spirit of the challenge.

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