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The models come in for their fitting and Ven seems really upset. Afterwards, his solution is to do something with his fan effect. Sonjia rips him apart in her interview and, seriously, she has a problem with the guys. Elena has been just as offensive with her designs but not a peep from Sonjia in those instances.

The next day, they're all scrambling. The models come in for their fitting. Afterwards, their loved ones come in and watch them work! Everyone is super complimentary, which is another thing my mother wouldn't do. She be like, "That's nice." Then, I'd say, "I'm sorry, Mother, did you say, 'That's nice?' Why don't you just spit on it!?" Then, she'd say, "What Jeff? Do you want me to do a cartwheel?" Then, I'd say, "Um, yeah. Please. That's what I'd like to see." Then, we'd laugh and hate each other a little.

On the runway, Heidi greets the designers and introduces Michael and Nina. Our guest judges for this challenge are Mondo and Anya! I cannot get enough of her! The first look is Sonjia's. She has made a wide-legged trouser with her print, which is a blue and red circular thing on white. There is a black tuxedo stripe down the sides and she has made a three-quarter sleeve black blouse to match with it. It's cute and she did a good job with the fit.

Elena's looks is sort of a modern zippered kimono over a gray skirt. It's actually pretty cool. I don't like it, but it's certainly modern. Christopher's dress is a simple strapless draped cocktail dress with black organza over it. There's a zipper up the back that he thinks they'll have a problem with. Ven's look is a one-shouldered thing with a lot of his fancy pleating. Pretty boring. Fabio made a wide-legged jumper with his print as a small vest over the top. It has a lot of style and seems a lot like him. Melissa made this adorable little red and white cap-sleeved dress with a v-back. It's really beautifully tailored. Gunnar made a jacket over a little black dress. The jacket is not that expert. Dmitry's look is next. He made a black skirt and jacket with a red patterned camisole. The jacket has these interesting diamond-shaped cut-outs.

Afterwards, Heidi calls Elena and Fabio. They are making it to the next round. Melissa says that her print was Polish-inspired. Michael thinks she made a Park Avenue dress, which gets a giggle from Melissa. Heidi doesn't think it's cool enough. Nina thinks it would appeal to a lot of girls. Mondo thinks that the styling was expected. Ven says that he used white to make his print pop. Heidi thinks it looks like a lei. They ask if no one has told him not to use the fan effect and he says that no one has!

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