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Michael loves what Dmitry did. Mondo thinks that it's overdesigned. Heidi loves the jacket . She thinks it's stunning and would buy it. Nina thinks that the print makes the jacket pop. Heidi doesn't get Gunnar's look. She thinks it's very uncool. They don't even like his print, though Michael is quick to say that the feeling behind the design is good. They praise Sonjia's pants and Michael says that she has a lot of attention to detail which he really admires. Heidi thinks that Christopher's dress is too simple. Anya doesn't like the silhouette. Nina says that she's disappointed in his execution. Mondo thinks that it's overdesigned.

Afterwards, the judges decide that Sonjia and Dmitry were the highlights of the day. Mondo felt like Dmitry hid the print and Anya says that she feels the opposite of him. Yay, Anya! She also says that Sonjia's look is impeccable from head to toe. Ven and Gunnar are their least favorites. They ask for Tim to come out and ask him about the flower thing. He says that he did say something, but not for this challenge. He explains the whole maxi-pad thing, which Anya really gets a kick out of. Mondo thinks that Gunnar's print was more successful than Ven's, but Nina is really disgusted by the details on Gunnar's jacket. Michael thinks that the proportions were off. And, Michael points out that there was a lot of anger present in the design. You see? I kind of rest my case about that whole thing.

The designers return to the stage. Melissa is in. Dmitry wins the challenge! Sonjia is not smiling. He wishes Gunnar luck before he leaves the stage. Melissa and Fabio give him big hugs backstage. Sonjia is in. Christopher is in. It's down to Ven and Gunnar. Heidi says that his print was a throwaway and his look was a repeat. She tells Gunnar that they appreciate his message but they didn't like his design. Gunnar is...out. Ven, before he leaves the stage, says that he will take the critique and move forward. He hugs Gunnar and says that he's sorry. Heidi says that if they see the "flower thing" one more time it'll be (Whistling Off-With-His-Head Sound). He assures her that he will try something new.

Gunnar says to Heidi and the judges that he had a really good time. He interviews that he is proud of himself for having gotten this far. He goes backstage and says that this is not his gig. He's thankful that it's over. Christopher says that he's glad the two of them have gotten better. Gunnar interviews that he and Christopher just made up and the world must be coming to an end. He's all smiles and says that he's not a tears sort of guy. I wonder if that's really true or he just doesn't think he can be vulnerable. Good luck to him.

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