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In the boys' apartment, Christopher says that they are all one step closer to Fashion Week. Dmitry agrees that it is right around the corner. Christopher adds that it's going to feel so good when they get there. Power of positive thinking, I guess. Or, huge jinx. I don't know, counting your chickens early and all that makes me nervous. I understand the philosophy behind that sort of thing though. Also, he has the encouragement of having won three challenges, as he explains in his interview. He says that he wants to make a collection "so bad" and he wants New York and the world to see it.

Instead of going to Parson's today, they head to the Babies R' Us in Union Square. It's enormous and kind of enchanting, if you like that sort of thing. A place that huge really hits home how much freaking work babies are. Heidi and Tim are waiting for them. Dmitry interviews that Heidi has 105 children. Actually, that's only four, though I do understand the confusion. If you've watched this show for a long time, it does feel like she was pregnant for at least seven seasons. Having those children and not a maniacal need for more, more, more money inspired Heidi to create Truly Scrumptious, a line of clothing for babies. The challenge will be to create a look for the line. Christopher interviews that he's nervous because he has never designed for a baby before. Then, he pauses and says "babies." He must feel really pressured to be funny all of the time.

Then, we see these ladies appear with babies in strollers. I don't even want to get into it because people get so upset but... the strollers in this city. It's like being in a continual game of Frogger. People are merciless pushing those things. Everybody's cooing over the babies and they are awful cute. Elena interviews that they are the cutest babies she has ever seen in her life. Dmitry is not impressed. He interviews that they are all screwed because the babies are so small. Then, he adds that he is not sure how old the babies are but he's pretty sure that they can't talk. That actually makes them perfect clients, but he thinks it's like making an outfit for a cat. Literally. That would be an enormous cat. Also, I don't think he means "literally." It's funny, the more it's become a thing where people express how it bothers them when other people use the word "literally" incorrectly, the more you see it being used incorrectly. You'd think those groups might intersect and shrink each other at some point. Like, the people who use it incorrectly probably heard it from someone else using it incorrectly and they could be like, "Hey guy, you know, that's not actually what that word means." And, then, the people who hate the misuse could look back and tell their fellow warriors, "Chill out, I got this. It's getting better." Nobel Committee: email me and I'll provide you with my shipping address.

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