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Dmitry says, "Does anyone else have a black baby? Sonjia, do you have a black baby? Do you want to switch?" I'm sure he was just trying to be nice, but that was unfortunate. Just keep your baby.

Sonjia interviews that she did not sign up to be somebody's (something's) babysitter. Christopher puts his young charge down and comments that it looks like everything will be fine, but then everybody's babies start losing their shit. Fabio comments that this is all going to be really interesting. They all get to work while trying to care for their dolls.

Now, here's the thing, something inside of me was maybe a little embarrassed and scared when this next part happened, but ultimately it made me melt (a result that produced its own unique set of feelings of embarrassment and fear). Fabio, with complete earnestness, tells his baby that he's going to put it down but that he will be right back for it. He says it with so much care. Dmitry comments that Fabio is talking to his doll. In fact, he interviews that Fabio is obsessed with the baby and maybe doesn't realize that it's not real. God, Dmitry, he just wants to take care of something! Leave him alone! Seriously, I'm a puddle. I want to have a doll with Fabio. I'm nervous about it, but I think we can make it happen.

Fabio interviews that he was an only child and coming out to his mother was a big deal because she felt that she would never be a grandmother, but the fact is he would like to be a father one day and thinks that's a very real possibility. Oh my gosh, so, Fabio, I've got a few loose ends to tie up, such as successfully transitioning into actual adulthood and maybe handling a nascent sleep disorder, but we can totally do this. He interviews, this time holding the doll, that he thinks he would be a good father because he's very patient. And, I'm really driven (neurotic?)! Between the two of us, we could create a Zen beauty pageant contestant (winner) or a really great social worker. Dmitry, on the other hand, says that he will not be having babies anytime soon.

Melissa comments that baby clothes have to be easy to put on and take off. Christopher notes that he's competing with Melissa and Elena for the girl's outfit and he feels completely confident that he can win. Well then. Dmitry says that you can't go "cutesy fruitsy" with the boy outfit. He wants to make a cool jumpsuit. Elena is not sure how she's going to get her work done with her crying doll. Melissa's baby is quiet, so she's having an easy enough time. Sonjia says that she's making a cross between a suit and a sweatsuit and it's something that she could imagine her boyfriend wearing. That's cute. Christopher seems that he's having an easy enough time taking care of his doll. He interviews that Nancy was very specific about what she wanted and dropped the names Rick Owens, Lanvin and Baby Dior. Jesus. Seriously. She's a baby.

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