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Back at the workroom, Christopher feels confident about where he is. Melissa knows that she has a lot of work to do. Elena decides to make some bloomers that can be easily removed. These poor people have to take the babies back to Atlas.

The next morning, everyone is awoken by the damn dolls. Christopher helps Fabio brush his teeth as he's rocking the baby. At the workroom, Tim comes in and asks them how their night was. Dmitry says that he barely had time to put on his pants. Tim tells them that he's taking the babies to daycare. Screams of elation. Tim seems shocked by how happy they are to get rid of the babies. He loads them up in a wagon and ships them out of the room. Sonjia says that it's a good thing, because she had planned on neglecting her baby anyway. Muriel!

Fabio thinks that Elena has made the wrong choices with her colors. Christopher points out that Melissa is making a tube dress and he thinks that putting a baby in a cocktail dress is maybe not the best idea. Slowly, the designers start moving onto the look for the moms. Everyone but Melissa. Christopher says that Melissa is really behind. He loves her but sometimes he thinks that she needs to fucking focus. Ouch.

Elena asks Sonjia how she drapes a dress and Sonjia answers that she had never done it until she got to Project Runway. You don't say? Then, Elena asks the "Draping Queen, I mean, King", Dmitry, how you sew the pieces together from the drape and he tells her that you hand-sew everything. This is not good news to her.

The moms and babies come in for fittings. Fabio thinks that Dmitry's jumpsuit is awkward because the hood is pointed. It seems kind of Where The Wild Things Are to me, which I think is pretty cool. Melissa's cocktail number is not fitting on her baby and I'm not sure there's enough time for her to diet. She doesn't have anything for the mother.

So, Christopher lays out his look for Nile and Nancy offers that she doesn't like it at all, under any circumstance. Shitty. He interviews that, if he goes home for this challenge, he will be devastated. Then, Nancy tries on her dress and is equally critical. She says she feels like she's wearing a tablecloth (let's be clear, this is a GORGEOUS print -- Nancy just doesn't like flowers) and that the shape is very simplistic. I'm sorry, she must have been told to be confrontational. She almost seems like there's something wrong with her the way she's being so rude and he's not asking for it at all. In fact, I have to say that he does a remarkable job of keeping his cool. He doesn't even really hate on her later, which I also find pretty amazing. Sonjia reminds him that this client challenge is not really about the client and he shouldn't worry what "Mary J. Blige" has to say about the outfit. But, if Mary J. Blige had something to say, you better listen. "Mary J. Blige"? We don't care what she has to say. Christopher again displays his excellent control over himself and the public perception of himself by working really hard to not laugh at Sonjia's joke.

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