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The designers return to the stage. Nina congratulates Team 6 -- their photo shoot wins! Alicia is in. Christopher is in. Melissa wins! Heidi says that they all loved her dress which they found strong yet appropriate. Backstage, everyone hugs her. Fabio gets a "good job" and he's in. Sonjia is in. Ven is in. Dmitry is in. He wishes everyone good luck before he leaves. He's a sweet guy. Elena is in. Bottom three, bitch. It's down to Raul and Gunnar. Raul is..."I'm sorry, you're out." Heidi says that she gets to kiss him twice, which makes him giggle. He interviews that he doesn't care. Backstage, he says that he hates Elena and she says that she doesn't like him very much either. It's really uncomfortable. He hugs everyone and tells them to get her out of there. He says that making a garment in five to seven hours is not for him, so he's ready to go home. Geez, so defensive, this one.

Jeff Long is a writer/performer living in Brooklyn. He can be reached at

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