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At Parsons, Heidi greets all of the designers on the runway and she's carrying the lovely velvet button bag. But, she's taunting then with it. Fabio sees it and interviews with horror that she's carrying the bag and that's never a good thing. I mean, sometimes it's a good thing. I wish we could have some model drama. Remember when there used to be model drama? Like Morganza? Does anyone else miss that? It's just these guys sitting in a room trying to think up witty or provocative things to say. Where are our coked out models? Where are our grumpy models?

Heidi tells the designers that there's a special guest to tell them about their next challenge. Then, she calls out a la Ricola, "Nina Garcia!" Then, Nina walks onto the runway. Christopher shakes his head with fear and disgust and interviews, "Nitpicking Nina." Alicia interviews that Nina is very opinionated and she's nervous to see what she has in store for them.

She tells them that Marie Claire recently launched Marie Claire @ Work. Great. They want to showcase the sophisticated work lady, which is apparently one of the largest growing sectors of the fashion world. Their challenge is to create a capsule collection for the working woman that is editorial and practical. Christopher says that he's all about the idea of designing for a fashionable woman at work. They will be working in two teams to create the collection. Elena immediately throws her head back. She's not happy. I know, she never seems happy. She interviews that she's very disappointed because she doesn't like working in teams. Ven says that he wants to kill himself. He says this in the exact same tone that he says everything. You know, he kind of exemplifies the whole seriousness of purpose thing about Project Runway, because why the hell else would you EVER cast this guy on a TV show. He's a black hole. They must have really loved his designs. Raul says that he hates working with teams -- he likes to work alone. Nina adds that the "fun part" is that each team will be directing their own photo shoot. The photos will be displayed on the runway and will factor into the judging. The winning team's photos will appear in Marie Claire @ Work.

Christopher, who appears to have taken his style cues from Keifer Sutherland in Lost Boys (acid washed denim jacket with tons of studs, the hair, earrings -- it's cool but actually insanely literal), says that this is a very good opportunity for them. And, wow, the editors love this guy. He must be the only one who consistently offers good sound bites. He's essentially narrating this season for us. You'd think that we'd hear more from, say, Nathan and Melissa, both seemingly level-headed, articulate, likeable people. But, no, we only get Christopher. Aside from thinking he's sort of a douche, I don't mind, but I do find it a little odd. I'm trying to think of seasons that were so dominated by one person's voice. Jay did talk a lot in the first season, but it was only really towards the end. Gretchen talked a lot? I guess she's a good example. She was sort of equal parts narration and editorializing. Christopher is mainly narration though. Dmitry and Melissa are both very happy for this opportunity.

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