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Sonjia points out that he has made a cute top for a challenge and he doesn't deny it so much as say that he needs to do stuff that's true to him as a designer and covers his ass. Well, Raul, they all need to be able to cover the asses of the models, which you don't seem so good at doing. He says that he needs to be able to defend himself in front of the judges. Dmitry interviews (because Christopher isn't even there -- how is he supposed to be able to narrate this?) that Raul is talking about being eliminated (again) before the work for the challenge has even begun. He makes a good point. Raul seems sort of permanently altered by having been eliminated before. He has an inferiority thing going on that may have already been a part of him before, but post-elimination/resurrection, it seems sort of crippling. Alicia realizes that he is feeling defensive because he has been in the bottom two twice before. Dmitry just hopes that he'll be able to deliver "for a change." Ouch.

The other team decides that they should start with a theme. Ven thinks that it needs to be bold. Good one. They decide that Fall is their season and they want to use color. "Fall Into Color" is our theme. Kind of icky. Just the name, not the idea. Fabio thinks that it will be easier to be cohesive as a collection if they have a joint color scheme. Gunnar is offering ideas that are, how do you say? Wrong. He suggests a "warm plum" as their common color, which maybe fine for his aging Southern lady demographic but weird for the modern sophisticated @ work woman. Then, he suggests "a touch of nautical" because of all of us that go boating in the Fall. He's designing for women who work on tug boats. He did say that he wanted to design for Kenley when the former designers came back to the show. He needs to let go of that.

Nathan interviews that Gunnar is a bit of a wild card. He doesn't always understand his point-of-view. We see Christopher pull some stuff from the Lord & Taylor accessories wall. Gunnar bitches that Christopher, Nathan and Ven are dictating everything. You wouldn't really be able to have three dictators. Sort of goes against the whole idea of what a dictator is. It's really more like they're oligarching everything. He thinks they chose an ugly-ass "Barney" purple, fuchsia and turquoise as their colors. Nathan had pointed out that jewel tones are used often in Fall collections, so at least he's working from some place of knowledge. Gunnar thinks that their color choices mean that they are going to be designing "the best of the fucking 80's." OK. Don't think I really see that but OK.

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