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Melissa proposes that they use some sort of common graphic or print. Sonjia's into it. Hey, everyone's into it... except Raul. He wants to work with lace. Melissa makes the best face. Sort of like, "I don't want to get nasty and I'm used to working with people and I don't want you to feel bad, but... ew." Elena "reminds" him that they have to be cohesive as a group and how the hell does lace have anything to do with anything that anyone else has been saying. Raul insist upon the lace but Melissa remarks that she's not sure how much lace is appropriate for the workplace. Raul interviews that the type of shirt that he's doing works great with lace and he's not going to change how he does things. Can't he just use a little lace on his top and make it work in regards to fitting in with the other looks? I'm not sure that he has the taste level for all of this. It seems like you would be able to look at what everyone else is planning on making and just be able to tell if lace could be a component of one look and not the others and still be appropriate. Instead, he's sort of trying to shoe horn it into the process which seems pigheaded and misguided.

Nathan's team is discussing which garments each of them will make. They are assigning different projects and, with the help of an issue of Marie Claire @ Work, tell Gunnar to make an A-line skirt with pleats. Seems pretty specific. He hasn't even really spoken up. Ven interviews that Gunnar's point-of-view is not as strong as the others' are. Gunnar shows a small sketch to flesh out what his skirt will look like and Ven says that he doesn't like the top. Gunnar says that the top is just a preliminary sketch. Then, Christopher says that he thinks that an entire gown of one color. Gunnar interviews that his team needs to stop micromanaging him. He's really frustrated. He says that he doesn't want to work with all of these fucking people. Understood.

Tim comes in and takes them to Mood. Elena is straight-up negative and it's really stressful to watch her interact with her team. I wonder if she and Dmitry speak the same language, besides English. I'm so ready to see them start screaming at each other in Russian or something. Mood is really difficult for Sonjia's team because fabric selection seems to be the place where everyone is really sticking to their guns in terms of their aesthetics. Nathan's team has a much easier time, mostly because their season and color scheme has been decided already. Raul is supposed to be searching for prints, but Sonjia can't find him anywhere. Raul interviews that everyone wants a print but he doesn't and this is about six designers, not one or two. He is so defensive that he isn't even making sense. Isn't that exactly what the point is? He's not the only one or two designers on the team? If everyone is asking for one thing, it's the team. I honestly feel bad for him. He's not even thinking from a creative place at this point because he's so terrified of being judged again. Man, Nathan's team is CHILLING compared to Sonjia's group. They're casually thumbing through zippers and knick-knacks while Elena's tearing through there like a wild stallion.

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