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The next day, the teams go to their fashion shoots. Elena keeps bossing people around and it looks like it isn't so horrible. Then, it gets horrible. She's so insulting about Raul's design, even though there's nothing he can really do about it at this point. Nathan's team has a much easier time. Elena is so fucking obnoxious. She's just spraying out combat. There's no real object. She causes this huge argument because she doesn't want props in her shot. It's ridiculous. She even screams at Melissa, the nicest girl ever.

At Parsons, Tim greets the designers and starts the hair and make-up countdown. One of the make-up guys jokes that one of Nathan's models is a Summer. Heh.

On the runway, Heidi greets the designers and asks them how they liked working in teams. Team 6 doesn't answer. She introduces Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and guest judge Joanna Coles. It's time for the show! Nathan's look is next. It's a one-shouldered silk print blouse with white slacks. Cute. A little casual, but I could see this in media. Next is Christopher's look. He did his pleating thing with the skirt (it's in the same print as Nathan's blouse) then added a white blouse and black jacket. Again, cute. Here's Gunnar's dress. It's a black skirt with a side panel of the print. The top is white with pleating on the bust. He says that he likes it but can tell that the judges do not. In fact, we see Heidi say "floating souffle boobs." Nailed it. Fabio's dress is here and it is rocking. It's a black and white color-blocked dress. White at the shoulders and black everywhere else. It fits beautifully. He has a little head wrap in the print that everyone is using. Nice idea. Ven's look is next. It's a black top with his requisite architectural pleating paired with a white skirt. It's belted at the waist. Ven says out loud that "the look is powerful" as it comes down the runway. He thinks it makes a statement.

Here's Team 6. Melissa's dress is first. It's great. It's electric blue with a high modern cowl neck. There's a zipper exposed and running at an angle all along the back. Elena's black jacket with black top and gray slacks is next. Raul's ruffled blouse and Sonjia's blue skirt are next. I don't mind the blouse so much. The skirt is kind of brilliant and Sonjia says that it's one of the favorite things she's made for the competition. Elena's other top, this one with puffy shoulders, along with Alicia's pants come next. The pants are great. Elena doesn't love the blouse but I don't think it's horrible. Dmitry's dress, color-blocked with black and navy, is next. Man, it fits perfectly. Tiny cap sleeves and sleek and tailored. Beautiful. Sonjia's skirt and the top of Raul's that Elena insulted are next. The skirt is great and the top seems fine on a girl with small boobies.

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