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Heidi congratulates the designers for putting on a good show. Both teams did well and received the same scores. Anyone could win or be out. They talk to Team 5 first. Nina says that they were cohesive and it looks like they worked well together. She liked the skirt that Christopher made. Michael loves the dress that Fabio made. He thinks that any aged lady could wear it. He doesn't like the headgear, but Joanna does! Nina has a problem with Nathan's pants, but Heidi defends them. She thinks that they're right for an older lady. Heidi hated Gunnar's dress. "Gunnar, I don't love this one. Explain this." So German. He can't really explain it. Heidi thinks it looks cheap. She asks them who was the weakest. Fabio says Ven because he thinks he's the strongest. Christopher says "the one you said" which means Gunnar. Ven does the same thing. Nathan at least has the balls to say Gunnar. So, does Gunnar. Backstage, they all apologize to Gunnar.

Team 6 is in the house. Nina thinks that Melissa's dress is really editorial. She thinks that Alicia's pants are very wearable. Michael likes Melissa's dress too. She's edgy but believable. He thinks the ruffles on Raul's blouse are a little overwhelming. Heidi agrees. Joanna thinks that it's commercial, but she hates Raul's top as well. Heidi likes Melissa's dress and Dmitry's look, though Joanna says that a professional wouldn't wear a dress with a cutout on the back. Michael doesn't think they really worked together well. Sonjia chooses Raul as the weakest. Raul chooses Elena because she can't work with others. Melissa chooses Raul's top as her least favorite. Elena chooses Raul and says that his construction is horrible. Alicia chooses Raul. Dmitry chooses Elena because of her poor work ethic, which I loved.

Backstage, Sonjia sort of calls out Dmitry for saying that Elena has a poor "work ethic" but I think it's obvious that maybe he was having a one-way monkey moment. He just meant that she's not good at working with people. Elena tries to leap up his ass but he just says that she's impossible to talk to with her cursing and screaming. Raul, who seems ready to burst with rage and just upset, says that he can't stand Elena but he thinks that she's very talented. That feels so uncomfortable to watch.

The judges confer. They love Melissa's and Fabio's look. Heidi liked Christopher's whole outfit. They think Elena's constructed look was weak, though they liked her other one (the one where she had to compromise and use fabric that didn't allow for her theatrics!). Heidi hates her overworked stuff. Michael thought that Raul's ruffled top was ugly and his other one was boring. Michael thought that the boobs on Gunnar's dress were unfortunate. Joanna thought the boobs looked like "two puppies wrestling in a sack." Nina was impressed with both teams. They all thought there would be more drama.

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