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There's apparently a moment where Kenley is telling Michael that he should teach Mondo how to sketch and it's really tense, because Mondo overhears. He thinks she's being mean, but -- OK, I guess it's clear that I really just don't hate Kenley at all this season -- she doesn't seem to mean it maliciously. You know, I think that she's probably a little too loud for me, but she doesn't seem NEARLY as defensive or mean as she was before. I could deal with her now. She's been supportive of everyone and I don't understand what's happening that we don't see where she's some sort of villain this season. If you ask me, Mondo's insistence on dominating any room he's in with his foul mood is the real bad guy of this season. She even apologizes because he's so upset.

They look through Nanette's fabrics. Kenley finds this peacock print and is in love. Michael goes for the jersey. Austin gets this raincoat taffeta. Michael is going with a print jersey. Kenley cuts it close with her costs. Mondo is under budget.

Back at the workroom, Kenley and Austin are next to each other in the workroom and are happy about it. Mondo is upset about lack of control and a fear of failing. For reasons I'm too stupid to understand, Michael has this fabric with a print and a lot of white fabric around the edges. Apparently, that keeps him from making the dress he wanted to make. He's losing his sleeves.

Kenley decides that she's going to lose the keyhole in her dress because she doesn't think that it jibes with her peacock print. Michael interviews that he disagrees with her -- you can put the damn keyhole in the dress. That's what she said?

Joanna and Nanette show up for a consultation. Michael's like, "Hi, Joanna. Hi, Nanette." I don't know if I can relay the tone, but it was a lot like, "What? What do you want?" The other designers don't even speak. These peeps are tired. Joanna reminds them how important this challenge is, because I'm sure they've all forgotten. She says that this is also the challenge where art and commerce meet. "Kenley, I'm talking to you." You see, Kenley is still sewing through her speech. I don't know if you have watched the show that happens after the show, but it's clear to me that Joanna has a red hot hatred for Kenley. Like, she fucking HATES her. The thing with Mondo and the sketching and all that? She nails her for it and says that she was talking behind Mondo's back and Joanna wasn't even there! Sure, I guess she could have watched some other raw footage, but why didn't they just show that to us? And, like Joanna spends her time sitting in some editing bay getting dirt on Kenley. She just fucking hates her. She continues and says that, in order to be successful, they need to be able to produce ready-to-wear clothes for a customer base.

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